“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 308 – “Premonitions”

Back in LA, Whitney tells us, “We are a month out from our big California wedding, and we have a lot of fucking things to do.”

As Whitney rattles off a list of things to do before the wedding, Sara gets distracted by the intriguing pattern on the bottom of her bag of snacks.

Oooh! I think I see the Virgin Mary!

Sara takes the laptop from Whitney, and Whitney says, “Baby, what are you doing?” Sara says that she is hard at work getting addresses for the wedding invites, and Whitney points out that she is on Facebook.

“So what?” says Sara. “That’s how I work.”

Whitney takes the laptop back and tells Sara that they need some follow-through with the wedding planning tasks, but Sara looks like she has fallen into the black hole of Words with Friends or Angry Birds.

“I’m over this,” says Sara.

And it looks like Whitney has lost this battle.

Back in New York, Somer and her wife Donna discuss her departure from the band and what it means for their future. Somer says that being part of Hunter Valentine gave her a taste of how life could be as a professional musician, a dream that she has always wanted to pursue, but Donna says that perhaps it is time to settle down and have mini DonnaSomers.

Donna tells us that sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, “especially if you’re in your late 30s.”

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