“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 308 – “Premonitions”


Next we catch up with Cori and Kacy, who have decided to diversify their portfolio of medical professionals. Instead of going to the OBGYN, they take a trip to their therapist’s office.

Cori tells her therapist that when she logs onto Facebook and sees photos and status messages of her happy pregnant Facebook friends, it makes her jealous. Ah, Facebook. Making every negative emotion you are currently experiencing exponentially worse. Too bad this scene was filmed before the creation of the greatest plugin of all time: Unbaby Me, which replaces babies on your news feed with other things.

Cori’s therapist tells her that jealousy is actually anger in disguise, and that feeling anger is normal, so acknowledging it is healthy. But another renowned therapist, Yoda, had a different take on anger.


I guess we’ll find out in the season finale if Cori starts wearing capes and picks up the hobby of blowing up planets.

Back in New York, Kiyomi and Laura invite Somer to Vero’s house to do the dastardly deed, but, uncharacteristically, Somer arrives before them.

“Are you excited for next week?” Somer asks Vero.

“What’s happening next week?” asks Vero.

“Our show!” says Somer, laughing.

“Oh a show!” says Vero. “Yes!”


Finally, Kiyomi and Laura arrive, and immediately, Kiyomi gets to business.

“The first thing we need to talk about, the obvious thing, is the elephant in the room,” she says. Kiyomi tells Somer that she may not be the right fit for the band, considering the band’s goals.

Somer tells us that the meeting “felt a little bit like an ambush.” And that she wishes that the decision could have been made with both sides taking part in a conversation. The band agrees that she can finish recording the record with them, but still:

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