“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 307 – “Dream Come True”

Then Sara calls her mother that she is going to the courthouse to get the paperwork to get married in Connecticut that day.

As expected her mother thinks she’s lost her mind.

Sara tries to explain that getting legally married will be better for both her and Whitney, and her mother gets so annoyed at hearing her voice that she demands to speak to Whitney instead.

Sara’s mother tearfully gives Whitney her blessing and tells the two to be happy.

Back in LA, Romi meets Dusty Ray at a café, because she wants to make more music with him. He tells her that he has already written an intro and a chorus for their second collaboration. The Romi and Dusty show is turning into Gilligan’s Island. The coaching session was only supposed to be a three hour tour, and now they’re getting all Sonny and Cher up in here.

Or Ted Kaczynski and L’il Jon

About the initial coaching session Romi tells us, “It felt really good. We both felt it, and we’re like, um, let’s do this together!”

Dusty tells Romi that he is going to make the best track possible and overlay her voice over it, and Romi’s response has nothing to do with music.

“Sometimes I just stare at you,” she tells him. Sometimes, while watching this show, I stare at the screen in disbelief. This is one of those times.

Romi tells us that at some point in her bizarre, memory lapse-y timeline of a dating history she fell madly in love with Dusty, but then he left her and broke her heart. Romi mouth is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

And finally, we return to Connecticut, where Whitney and Sara are about to have their legal marriage ceremony. So that Grandma Lucy can attend, they have the ceremony in her back yard.

“It’s freezing in Connecticut. I’m wearing a dress,” says Sara.

“I’m dressed like an Amish man,” says Whitney.

As Whitney’s grandmother, mother and other guests look on, the justice of the peace asks Sara and then Whitney to repeat the following vow to each other: “From this day forward, I choose you to be my wife, to be faithful to you all the days of my life.”

After vows are exchanged, the justice of the peace announces them married and says, “Sara and Whitney, you may kiss your bride.”

“You’re stuck with me forever,” says Sara.

We’re not! Only two more episodes this season. Then the screen fades to black. Unless there is a season 4. And a season 5. Wait, I’m scaring you unnecessarily, so I will move on.

And then Grandma Lucy gets to talk directly to the camera.

“I am happy to see they got married. It’s something I have to get used to too, but it’s still fine, no matter how you look at it. Yup, I think they’re adorable together!”

And this is what we are all thinking.

And then the newly married couple drive into the sunset in a fuel efficient Toyota.

Welp. Whitney and Sara are officially married. I guess there’s hope for everyone, even everyone on this show whose name ends with “omi.”

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