“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 307 – “Dream Come True”

Back in Connecticut, Whitney and Sara pay a visit to her uncle Tryg’s house. Whitney complains that her dad doesn’t plan to make her wedding ceremony in California. Tryg says while that is unfortunate, he can understand the desire not to appear on a reality show. Whitney tells us that while he is supportive of the marriage, he just doesn’t want to be on television.

“It pisses me off that my dad can’t put away what shit he’s got going on, on the back burner, and like, make it there,” says Whitney.

Other gay people worry that their parents won’t show up to their wedding because they think gays are going to hell; Whitney’s dad just doesn’t want to appear on a hellish show. It’s a toss up.

Then Momma Mixter walks in. Whitney tells her mom that since getting married in California still isn’t legal, she and Sara plan to stay in Connecticut for a few days longer and get married the next day. And Momma Mixter is all:


“My mom’s reaction to hearing that we are getting legally married is comparable to me telling my mom that we are engaged,” says Whitney. In case you didn’t remember…

<img src=”http://afterellen.mtvnimages.com/uploads/2012/07/11.jpg”>

Then Momma Mixter snaps out of her trance and says that she will be at the private ceremony (which will also be broadcasted in a completely non-private fashion on Showtime) the next day, and it is hugs all around.

Back in New York, Hunter Valentine minus Somer, Amanda and Laura’s mother are about to dive into a large home cooked meal, which, as we have seen in the scenes shot in Connecticut, can only lead to living happily ever after.

Before dinner is served, Amanda goes outside and calls Lauren. She tells Lauren that she is at Laura’s house with the Hunter Valentine family, and Lauren says she is itching to get to New York and wishes she could be there. After some encouragement, Lauren decides to look for flights to New York so she can visit Kiyomi.

Amanda goes back inside and immediately tells Kiyomi that Lauren wants to come out to New York.

Kiyomi reacts by having no reaction. Then, without making eye contact with Amanda,  she mumbles, “Really?”

“Do you think that’s scary and weird?” asks Amanda.

Kiyomi responds with a mix of gibberish and nervous laughter. Amanda asks where these reservations are coming from, and Kiyomi tells her to meet her in the back room.

“I sense a lesbian freak out!” exclaims Amanda. Then she tells us that Kiyomi’s reaction wasn’t what she expected. “You’re not stoked about it? Like, what’s your problem?”

In the back room, Amanda asks whether Kiyomi and Lauren have actually been on a real date, and Kiyomi says, “Nope.” Well as they say…

Amanda jokes that Kiyomi better line her bed with rose petals when Lauren visits, and Kiyomi starts laughing. She tells Amanda that she did cover a bed with roses for someone not too long ago. Um, Kiyomi. This is when you should have kept your internal monologue, you know, internal.

Amanda agrees. “Keep that to yourself forever,” she tells Kiyomi sternly.

Kiyomi tells us that she is nervous because she has a “super crush” on Lauren and she doesn’t want to screw up, but really, she’s excited.

Back in Connecticut, we see stock footage of a cat.

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