“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 307 – “Dream Come True”


Back in Connecticut Whitney tells Sara that she was touched that Grandma Lucy was so accepting about the engagement, so she wants her to be part of the wedding experience. Since she cannot travel to California, Whitney suggests to Sara that they get married in Connecticut, where same sex marriage is legal. Sara realizes that this means they are getting married tomorrow. “Whooooooooooa,” she says. “That changes things.”

After Whitney assures her that the huge public wedding and party will happen in California as planned Sara agrees to get hitched the next day.

“Fuck you, California! We’re getting married!” she says.

Going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali… Romi goes to a studio, where her ambiguously gay ex-boyfriend Dusty Ray is waiting for her with microphones and 80’s hair. Romi asks him to help teach her how to sing, because she doesn’t want to look like a fool. Dusty, who is only slightly more articulate than the guy with the red stapler in Office Space, tells Romi not to worry.

“Um, you won’t,” says Dusty. “Because you’re Rooooomi, so you’re cool.”

Is this guy for real? But really, what IS real?

The pair then sing a karaoke version of one of the aforementioned Real Housewives’ pop songs. Oh wait, that’s Romi’s song? I couldn’t tell. All I know is that Romi should make friends with Autotune. Immediately.

Between  “ooh la la”ing over dance beats, Romi tells us she is starting to “ooh la la” to something else: Dusty.

“I just felt something in there with him, and I think he felt the same thing,” she says.

Then Dusty tells us why Romi is going to be successful. “It’s about just being on the mic and being yourself, and she’s just so good at being… herrrr.” Um. Ok.

Before we are subjected to more deep thoughts from Dusty, Kelsey pops into the studio.

Kelsey tells us that at first she was worried about Romi making music with her ex boyfriend but then she met him, learned that he has a girlfriend, so she doesn’t believe he is a threat. She actually thought he was gay at first.

Then Romi launches back into her thumpa thumpas and “ooh la la”s and her producer and Kelsey try to keep a straight face.

“Lawd, I am being tested…”

Kelsey tells us, “Romi is an entertainer, and she loves to entertain.”

I would love to see a talk show hosted by Kelsey and Dusty. Its tagline should be “This is our talk show, and we talk about things.” Romi may date both guys and girls, but at least she is consistent about picking them for their language skills.

“If making pop music is what she wants to do, then she should do it,” Kelsey continues. “But is it good? I don’t know. Listen to it and tell me what you think.”
Kelsey continues to spend 90% of her energy trying not to laugh but ultimately fails.


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