“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 307 – “Dream Come True”


And so, unfortunately, not only is Romi tardy to the party, and there is no way she can be worse than Danielle Staub, so here’s to being forgettable! One of her music video producers asks a legitimate question.

Romi tells us, “My answer to every work opportunity right now is ‘Yes.’ ‘Yes I can do that!’ ‘Yes I can perform!’ Can I? I don’t know!”

Romi’s collaborators joke that Romi needs to learn quite a bit, telling us that she probably doesn’t even know how to hold a microphone.

Romi needs a miracle, and that miracle is Dusty Ray, an “ex boyfriend” from “six years ago.” Hold up! Wait a minute. Did we just find another Romi cylon clone running around? In Episode Three, Romi – or someone who looks exactly like Romi – told us that Jay was the only guy she has ever been with and that was eight years ago. But here comes Dusty Ray, who the Romi-like woman sitting right in front of us claims to have dated six years ago. What gives?


Clearly these two can’t be the same person. With all these cylons running around Los Angeles, the city is going to be toast way before the official expiration of humanity on December 12. Nice knowing ya, West Hollywood.

Amanda must have been notified that LA is in danger, because she’s getting the hell out of Dodge and is giving Lauren no advance warning. She has just bought a one way ticket to NYC and asks Lauren to drive her to the airport. Lauren does not react well to the news but agrees to drive her anyway.

“Da fuck???”

Now back to the dinner that deflated Whitney and Sara’s chance to be the first to tell everyone big big news. As Tiffany and her boyfriend are walking out the door, Whitney runs after them, and she tells Tiffany that she is worried her grandmother won’t accept her engagement to Sara. Tiffany tells her not to worry. She says that Grandma Lucy didn’t even blink when Whitney got that ugly ass tattoo that “ruined [her] body.” So an announcement about getting gay married will probably just be treated like everyday news.

Whitney goes back into the house and prepares to tell Grandma about the engagement. Whitney is nervous. She tells us, “My favorite form of communication is just throwing it out there – BOOM! Drop the bomb and then tense up real quick and wait for the response, hoping for the best.”

Whitney then drops the bomb, telling Grandma that she is getting married to Sara. Whitney, Sara and Momma Mixter stare in open mouthed silence, waiting for Grandma’s reaction. The three of them are smiling, even. It is like they actually want to shock her. Surprising your 92-year-old grandmother with the news that you are a big homo and that you are getting married to a girl – and on television! Will she faint? Cry like Sara’s mother?  Walk out? Ask where Justin Bieber is, because obviously this is an episode of Punk’d?

No, we won’t get any of that. Tiffany was right. Grandma Lucy is unflappable and doesn’t think it is a big deal.

And so, the Magical Elves and Ilene Chaiken don’t get explosive generation gap drama and shockalicious television – and Whitney, Sara, and Momma Mixter don’t get to witness a meltdown, because like Honey Badger, Grandma Lucy don’t care. Grandma Lucy don’t give a shit.

Grandma tells Sara that her engagement ring is pretty, and then she goes to her room and comes back with her wedding ring, which she shows Whitney and Sara.

Back in LA, we join Cori, Kacy and their sedentary orange cat. Kacy and Cori are about to undergo insemination procedures again, and Kacy, visibly upset, says that perhaps she isn’t emotionally ready yet.

Cori says that they need to push through it, and they decide to bring Charlie’s ashes to the appointment.

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