“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 307 – “Dream Come True”

Across town, Lauren lies alone in bed, while a too-sappy girl-with-a-guitar pining-for-aloof-love-interest track assaults our ears.  Lauren tells us that while Kiyomi left only two days ago she already misses her a lot. She reaches over to her vestigial twin, her iPhone, and texts someone, presumably Kiyomi.

She gets out of bed, wearing a black shirt.

Then, as she walks into the other room, the black shirt spontaneously morphs into a white Hunter Valentine t-shirt. Whoa, this is trippy. These Magical Elves really are… magical.

As she sees Lauren misty eyed and deep in texting mode, Amanda looks on indifferently and chews a piece of broccoli rabe like a curmudgeonly rabbit.

“You ok?” she asks.

“Yeah I’m bummed,” says Lauren. “We just spent so much time together in the past week, and with her being in another city too, it’s especially not fun for me right now.”

And then we cut to New York, where Kiyomi is walking down the street carrying her guitar, as the same sappy girl-with-guitar unrequited-love song is playing in the background. Vero joins her at a café. Vero asks her what is going on with her and Lauren.

“I think everything is happening really quick, and I’m like trying to take things slow,” she tells Vero.

Kiyomi tells us that she just got out of a relationship, so she needs to be cautious. Oh now she calls it a relationship? Ah, spin and revisionist history. How appropriate for an election year.

Vero decides to pass along a juicy little tidbit to Kiyomi. Vero tells Kiyomi that at Dinah Shore Lauren told her, “I can see myself just being with [Kiyomi].” Wow, three days must three years in lesbian time, and three thousand miles is three feet in lesbian distance. Kiyomi wonders how drunk Lauren must have been when she uttered those amorous words – and then looks for the emergency exit, even though she is sitting right in front of an open window and Lauren is nowhere to be seen.

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