“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 306 – “Lost in a Bush”


Meanwhile, Cori and Kacy survey the chaos around them and conclude that well, Dinah kind of sucks and that they are over it. On top of everything, fans continue to approach them about the baby. Cori and Kacy wonder what would make the weekend go by less painfully, and the two stumble upon a solution that the other 14,998 lesbians at Dinah have already discovered.

“We’re going to drink through it,” says Kacy. “That’s what we’re going to do.”

“Let’s get drunk,” agrees Cori.

I got dat drank, I got dat drank, that purple drank

And they found the answer all by themselves! Contestants, you have completed your challenge. Congratulations!

Around a hundred feet away, the members of Hunter Valentine, Whitney, Sara and Amanda are bouncing up and down half naked, and wait, did you miss this?


I rue the day I decided to include Dinah kisses on this graphic. Well, here we go.

Somer tells us that Dinah isn’t her cup of tea, and that she doesn’t even drink tea, but Hunter Valentine was asked to play a show, so she figured, why not.

“We’re ready to blow the bras off the fuckin’ lesbians at Dinah Shore!” says Laura.

Laura, pay attention. Their bras are already off. There is not a supported boob in sight. They are just blowing in the wind, like all those windmills dotting Palm Springs.

And oh look who’s here! Romi and Kelsey, who make a beeline for the only friendly faces in sight, Cori and Kacy. The four sit down and all agree that they are pretty much done with Dinah already. Cori and Kacy don’t want to talk to strangers about Charlie, and Romi and Kelsey don’t want to be subjected to mean girls nonsense by the “cool kids.” The four of them decide to ditch the parties the next day and play golf instead.

Elsewhere, in the thick of “lesbian shit” Lauren gets the munchies and starts nibbling on Sara’s earlobes. Sara starts making burbling noises.

“Oh god. Oh, yup yup I came!” says Sara.

Bath salts?

Then Lauren attacks Whitney’s earlobes, and Whitney doesn’t complain.

“Lauren is sexy and attractive. Haaaaay!” Whitney tells us.

Group earlobe noshing can only lead to one result: Whitney tells everyone, “We’re gonna have a big orgy later tonight!”

But she tells Amanda that she can’t join in because she is taken, and Amanda is all #sadface.

“But I want to swing off your dreads! Sara can be Tarzan! I can be Jane!”

Later Whitney tells us that she finds Amanda attractive and she turns and tells Sara, “I’m kind of turned on by the thought of you getting it into Amanda.”

Upon hearing the magic “o” word, Lauren skips over to Sara, asking her whether they really will be having an orgy that night, and Sara nods, saying “Yes, we are.”

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