“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 303 – “Love Lost”


And next Romi processes about her sexuality to her mom.

“You stopped being with men, how many years ago?” asks her mom.

“I dunno, like seven or eight years ago,” says Romi.

Hold up. Wait a minute. Didn’t Whitney say that Romi was with Jay when she met her? How long ago was that? The timelines depicted in this series defy all reason. Is there a 1981 DeLorean on set?

Romi then tells her mom that when her dad died, she decided to run to what she felt was familiar, what felt like home, and what was familiar was her mom’s relationship with her partner. While she was definitely attracted to women, she shut out any opportunities with men during this period. She also tells her mom that Jay is the only guy experience she has ever had.

“I want healthy relationships with men in my life, but I don’t get them. I don’t understand them,” says Romi. You’re not supposed to. That’s where the term “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” comes from.

Her mom tells us what we all know.

“You’re figuring it out. You don’t have to have all the answers tonight,” she tells Romi.

Some people just take a little longer to figure it out than others. But that’s ok. We’re all special in our own little way.

Then Whitney and Alyssa arrive at Cori and Kacy’s house to hear the news of the loss of Charlie.

Cori and Kacy ask the two to help them tell others about Charlie. Alyssa tells Cori and Kacy that her mom had a set of twins that she lost at six months, and then she ended up having Alyssa and her brother and not to be discouraged.

“We want to still be parents,” Kacy says. “We are parents. We have a daughter. She is my first. She will always be my first. But we are going to try again.”

Elsewhere in Los Angeles, Amanda is Skyping with her friend in New York. She confesses that she still has feelings for her ex in New York, but she is afraid to tell Lauren, especially after the Brittenelle episode. Tell me again, aren’t you supposed to be able to tell your best friend everything? Not step on eggshells around her? Isn’t that what a best friend is? Why would a buddybe bothered about feelings for another girl? Earth to Amanda. In the words of Swami Mixter, “I’d say Lauren has an eye for [you].”

Lauren enters the room, and Amanda tells her she is homesick. Lauren suggest that they both visit New York, and Amanda brightens up.

The episode grinds to a close with Romi telling us that she is unhappy in her relationship with Jay. She dials a number and plaintively asks, “Will you come over?” There is a knock at the door. And it isn’t Jay. It is Kelsey bearing a bouquet of flowers. Does life just favor the needy and histrionic? Because this shit isn’t fair. No, I’m not bitter. I’m not bitter at all. Well, the squeaky wheel gets the lube, I suppose.

Then Kelsey changes into something way more comfortable, a c–k and harness, and she spends the rest of the episode on top of her squeaky wheel, getting her to squeak even louder.

And finally, mercifully, the episode ends, but not without a final “bang your head on the nearest hard surface” moment.

Ladies, I know you have feelings. Go to town!

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