“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 208


In an interview, Cori blurts out, “I think we need to find a live person.” Kacy does a spit take and glares at Cori like she’s just suggested they steal a baby from a passing stranger.

Kacy: A what?

Cori: A live person.

Kacy: What do you mean “a live person”?

Cori: I don’t know.

Kacy: Like a different donor?

Cori: Yeah, but like a person. Like, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Kacy: I just don’t understand—

Cori: [clamps her hand in Kacy's face] Uhhh! Don’t yell!

That was not yelling. Cori doesn’t know from yelling until she’s met Sajdah. So delicate, our little flower. 

Kacy doesn’t enjoy Cori doing Shushing Puppet Hand in her face. Cori gets upset and walks out on the interview, forcing Kacy to get up and check on her. If these two are ready to be parents, I’m ready for the cover of Vogue.

While Sajdah creates her own Bring Your Mother to Work day to show Sarita the nice people at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Corcy are still arguing over the most efficient way to get pregnant. Unlike some straight girls, getting knocked up isn’t as cheap and easy as, well, being cheap and easy.

Since deciding to use a sperm bank, Kacy says she now realizes she can’t handle a known donor, thus vindicating all their sperm-hoarding friends. I guess this means she’s not going to be giving her eggs out anytime soon either. Another bullet dodged.

Cori realizes how far from the process Kacy feels sometimes – it’s not her womb, it’s not her biological baby. They make up and agree not to yell and shush. Because at the end of the month, it’s the two of them, together, sharing a life. And mounting debt.

Less committed are Romi and Kelsey, who are moments away from calling last call on their relationship. The greeting card Romi bought Kelsey (gotta love those last-ditch efforts!) sits unopened as they argue about the importance of not drinking. Romi asks Kelsey pointedly, “What does it mean to me?” Dead silence. No one told Kelsey there was going to be a pop quiz.

Don’t bother. Kelsey’s gone to her happy place.

Kelsey says she knows relationships are give and take. But she’s done giving – Romi is all about Romi. And since there are two sides to every break up, Romi feels like she’s given enough, too. Does that include bus fare? “I’m sorry Kels,” Romi says, tears streaming down her face, “But the person that I was with you is not here anymore.” Elvis has left the building.

Kelsey is not only losing her girlfriend, she’s losing her drinking partner. When you’re young, dumb and full of rum, it’s worse than having your girlfriend go straight. At least you can drink with that kind of ex.

Meanwhile, Sajdah and Sarita are getting ready to go to church. Sarita is still getting used to Sajdah’s new look. Instead of wearing the ballet flats and cute tops she sent with her to LA, Sajdah looks “like a young man.”

Portrait of the Lesbian as a Young Man

Of course, Sajdah thinks she’s the bomb and says, “I’m going to be too pretty to pay attention at church.”

After a good and uplifting afternoon at Agape, a “New Thought-Ancient Wisdom” spiritual center in Culver City, Sarita has an epiphany. She’s now totes fine with Sajdah scissoring a lady woman, getting gay married, and giving her “vitro babies.” That must have been some sermon. I’ve been to Agape and all I got was a very, very long hug from the lady next to me. Usually, you have to buy me a drink first.

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