“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 205

Nearby, Claire is trying to figure out who this woman is, and why is she listening in on her convo with Francine. Francine tells Claire to come get the boxes she so thoughtlessly left at her house before three o’clock tomorrow. And btw, this is my new girlfriend, as of 10 minutes ago, Khristianne. She’s funnier than you, she’s nicer than you and she’s not you.

This is what I call an interfacial relationship. Just my opinion.

On her way home, Romi finds out that Drew is lying in bed with Kelsey, watching her television and not leaving. She calls Kelsey to say she doesn’t want to deal with people when she gets home, prompting Drew to send her a snippy text about being thrown out of her house.

Drew is mad because he used to hang out till the wee hours with Romi. And he wants to be doing it again with Kelsey. When you have one foot in the past, and one foot in the future, you piss all over today, pal. Go home already.

Over at Francine’s house, Khristianne’s very strange assistant, Scotty, is throwing all of Claire’s things out on the curb. Boxes are broken open, clothes are strewn on the lawn. Francine may be mad but she’s not a jerk, and tells him to bring everything back under the awning. In the end, it’s all good because Francine has logged onto moveon.org.

Here are this week’s tweets. What did you think of this episode?

Next week: Cory gets inseminated by her doctor, but Whitney and Alyssa make a shooting dildo for Corcy, just in case. Kelsey gets canned just as Romi starts a new job. Claire is short an Asian and invites Vivian to come visit her. And Sajdah finally gets her wish.

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