“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 204

Sajdah plays on the women’s pro football team, the LA Amazons. While she’s hitting the blocks, Sajdah wonders if she’s ruining her thing with Chanel, as if they really have a thing. Speaking of women’s football, here’s my friend who plays for the LA Temptation. Somehow, I don’t think you guys play each other.

The next day, Rachel on suicide watch and Claire is at LAX, picking up the replacement Asian she ordered. Francine has better things to do, so Claire has brought in her friend, Barbara.

Not wasting a single moment, Claire takes Barbara straight to a bar and immediately starts pontificating about the genius that is her mind.

“Hold on. I’m having an idea. Peanut butter AND chocolate.”

Claire’s newest totally amazeballs idea is to do a photo shoot with her fellow cast members. She wants everyone to wear white shirts. Originality?
What’s that? 

This Just In: Family of four shares one enormous penis.

Barbara mentions that to get everyone on board, Claire will probably have to get to know the other girls. Eww. Claire is finally rendered speechless. Good job, Barb.Your check is in the mail.

While Barbara looks around for sharp objects to stick in her ears, Cori and Kacy are at MI-6, a club with low ceilings, black walls, and a fun house entrance. The girls are blowing it out before they get preggo and can never have fun, ever again.

Cori introduces us to her alters, Cookie and Coco. Coco really, really loves Kacy.
And Cookie is a diva who expects shots on demand, and wants everyone to listen to her. No, really! Listen! Yeah, you know her.

Three things the United States of Cori can all agree on are A) drinks are delicious, B) dancing is fun, and C) if you switch places with this guy, you would save $2000.

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