“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 202


After searching the profiles of many educated, athletic, men, they find Mr. Right.
He’s tall, good-looking, and Italian, like Kacy. He’s also a copywriter, and as we know, writers are highly intelligent. We have a winner.

Later that day, Romi’s mom, Ann, comes over for lunch. Romi gives Ann the blow-by-blow of last night’s shenanigans. Ann reminds Romi that alcohol doesn’t mix well with her being bi-polar. Whoa.

In this stunning revelation, Ann reveals that Romi has always been bi-polar, but it really came out when she was 14, and had to be hospitalized. Romi keeps grazing on her salad, as if they’re talking about the weather.

Bi-polar bear says AA is not her style, and it’s “unrealistic” to think she’s going to stop clubbing.
Dragging Kelsey down with her, Romi says she has a drinking problem, too. Kelsey denies it, natch.

Ann offers Kelsey her two cents: “I think you do. Because I love you, I’ll tell you that. Cause I’ve seen how much you can drink, too.”

Oh Ann, if it wasn’t for self-medication, we would have nothing to do on Friday nights.

In Whitney’s backyard, she and Rachel enjoy a quite evening, processing the human condition. They conclude Rachel is in a good place, Whitney is ready to stop the insanity, and Sara is a lying turdball. Also, cigarettes are delicious.

In a different backyard, Francine is also smoking, and hugging herself. She tells Claire, “I don’t need to wait around for an a—hole like you that makes me feel like sh-t about myself all the time.” Not when there are hundreds of other LA lesbians who can do the same thing, better and cheaper.

Claire starts to cry, because she doesn’t know what she feels anymore. Is Vivian The One? Will she ever get over Francine? Are Birkenstocks going to make a comeback and ruin everything? Being a grown up is so hard!

Whitney may or may not ever find a way to be happy with Sara. In the meantime, she has her friends, her devilish grin, and a side job, piloting this Showtime prop plane, which has been circling my house for three days. 

Damn you, Red Baron!

Next week: Whitney eats Rachel’s patience for breakfast, Sara is drinking straight from the bottle, and Kelsey finally gets laid in the most graphic porn scene yet.


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