“The Real L Word” recap: Episode 201

Romi is in New York celebrating her 29th birthday with her live-in girlfriend, Kelsey. They walk around the edge of Central Park, shooting video of each other. Kelsey looks impassively at the camera and drones, “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.” It’s New York, Chuckles. I think they’re used to it.

Who is Kelsey? What’s behind those lifeless eyes and catatonic demeanor? Well, Romi says she’s just her type, and furthermore, “She makes me feel like there’s nobody else in the world that she’s even looking at.” Yeah, because she’s heavily medicated.

A side note. To have a good relationship, you have to care about what comes out of a girl’s mouth as much as what she does with it:

What she said: “She makes me feel like there’s nobody else in the world.”
: This is the girl for me. I love her.

What she said: “She makes me feel like there’s nobody else in the world that she’s even looking at.”
Translation: I better get all your attention. You, on the other hand, don’t get anything.

See how that works?

Too bad Romi and Kelsey aren’t using their mouths for much more than talking and drinking right now – they haven’t had sex in over three weeks. Kelsey wants to very badly, but Romi doesn’t. Sorry for them, but happy for us viewers. I really don’t need to see that.

Downtown, we find blond, Caucasian Claire having dinner with her Taiwanese-American girlfriend Vivian, and a bunch of other Asians. The sole tow-head, Claire gets a friendly ribbing about the plethora of Asians in her life. Whatever happens this season, I will say Claire has good taste: We have low body fat and excellent SAT scores. Vivian lovingly calls her girlfriend a “rice-chaser.”

Vivian can say bye-bye to her rice chaser, because Claire is about to move to the left coast to reconnect with her other Asian, Francine. Claire admits that Vivian is damn near perfect, so why is she moving 3000 miles to dig up Francine feelings, just to roll around in them? I think she’s delirious with Yellow Fever.

Back in LA, Sajdah is at her job at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, fighting to overturn Prop 8, the California ballot measure that shut the window on legalized gay marriage. She’s also hitting on a straight co-worker, offering her a complimentary bag of Skittles if she switches teams. That’s it? Remember when we used to give out toaster ovens? Not in this economy.

Sajdah was straight, herself, until about a year ago. Check it out:

Sajdah’s mom didn’t know what to think or do when Sajdah came out to her. She hoped “it was just another phase. Like, you wore light blue every day.” Hard to believe the gay thing was the alarming part.

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