“The Real L Word” minicap 108: “Runway Bride”

After the last model has skulked off stage to do a line, Mikey grabs the mic and summons Raquel to the runway. Raquel appears from backstage, wondering what the heck is going on. Mikey bends down on one knee and asks into the mic, "Will you marry me?"

While Nikki and Jill frantically call their wedding planner to put a "hold" on every caterer for 50 miles, and reserve all the champagne in LA, Whitney and Rose bounce in their seats, their mouths agape. Oh no, she di’nt!

Raquel says, "yes" to the mess, and the whole tent explodes in applause and cheers. Later, the newly engaged couple bask in the memory of that night.

Raquel: That is so amazing. Mikey doesn’t have the easiest time showing how she feels. So, saying something that loud, really got my attention. I just can’t believe she made a s statement like that. It’s just amazing.

Mikey: I felt like I needed to propose to Raquel because I wanted to speak her language. She likes big gestures, and I was trying to give her that.

"The American Dream, man," Mikey adds, "I’m just trying to live it."

Screw you, Prop 8. Dreams really can come true.

Stay tuned for next week’s season finale. The light is at the end of the tunnel, kids. I just hope it’s a sunshine crotch, and not an oncoming train.

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