“The Real L Word” minicap 108: “Runway Bride”

Whitney and Scarlett are hanging at the Abbey, talking about — what else? — girls. Whitney says Romi and Tor are all-drama, all the time. but Sara is an easy, breezy hook-up, mainly because she’s even more allergic to relationships than she is. Scarlett asks if Sara is going to Dinah Shore with them. Oh, no. Not The Dinah.

Scarlett: I’m worried about Romi … You can’t entertain that idea anymore. You need to be the smart one. She doesn’t think with her head, she thinks with her heart.

Actually, it’s a little lower.

Tracy is at home when she gets a call from her mom, who says she’s not coming for her birthday. Tracy is very disappointed with her mother’s decision, but before she can take another run at her, she’s interrupted by a knock on the door. Tracy opens it and finds her diminutive mother, Zory, standing there. Surprise!
Oh em gee! Hugs and laughter ensue, which is a much better outcome than when Raquel tried the same trick on Mikey in Vegas.

Even though they talk to each other almost every day, Tracy and Zory sit around and catch up. Tracy says people are asking her to model, again. Zory says proudly, "Well, you know I always want you to model," but I doubt she means with a sunshine crotch, or on the cover of something ominously called Bound. Tracy’s recent modeling gigs aren’t exactly going to make it into Zory’s scrapbook.

Tracy: I know you know who I am, very well. But [I want you to know] more of who I am, and every part of it. I want to include you in that.

Zory: You have to realize that sometimes when you talk to me, I was avoiding this conversation. Because you remember, you told me once. And I put it on the side, because…

Tracy: Yeah, no s–t.

Zory: That was a while ago. As a mother, if you would be in my shoes, you would think the same way.

Zory tells Tracy she is not only her daughter, she’s her best friend. Tracy is touched and almost starts to cry. She gathers her mom to her navel and gives her a big hug.

Zory agrees to go with Tracy to Stamie’s comedy show, and meet her girlfriend for the first time. Please don’t let Stamie do her C word joke. Not tonight.

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