“The Real L Word” minicap 108: “Runway Bride”

The day after her infamous White Trash Party, Whitney tells an angry Tor that Romi "raped" her. Really? Is that the word you want to use to explain your drunky shenanigans? If anything was "raped," it was my corneas.

Nikki and Jill look at two other venues for their wedding. Nikki wants Jill to see how inferior they are, so she’ll agree to the Malibu estate that sits high on a bluff, just outside their budget. Nikki wrinkles her nose at the online pictures, saying one looks haunted and smelly, and the other is no better than the house they live in. She wants "magical."

Jill finally relents on the exclusive property in the Malibu colony, making Nikki the happiest bride this side of Goldie Hawn’s sand-caked toenails.

Nikki and Jill aren’t the only ones hemorrhaging money. Mikey had to rent a ginormous tent for her LA Fashion circus. She rides over to the studio on her motorcycle to admire her 20-foot erection.

Is it LA Fashion Week, or are you just glad to see me?

Mikey’s beside herself with excitement and shouts a big thanks at the crew, who wonder, "Who’s that boy with the strange hair, and why is he yelling at us?"

Tracy is still on a mission to have her mother accept her life and her girlfriend. Mom has been ignoring the rainbow elephant in the room for years, and Tracy’s patience with her pleas for "baby steps" is wearing thin. The only baby steps Tracy is interested in these days are the ones Stamie’s kids take as they clamor for fruit roll-ups.

Stamie doesn’t seem too insulted that she’s all but invisible to Tracy’s mother. She’s just glad she gave birth to her girlfriend.

It could be worse. Some people are disowned or shunned when they come out. Tracy’s mother clearly loves her. If you disagree that a person can love someone but not accept the things they do, then you haven’t seen Life or Something Like It.

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