The problem with Nicki Minaj: Out female MCs on being real in rap

Psalm says that in hip-hop, it’s still not "cool" to be gay. "I think gays should be outraged to be compared to rappers!" she jokes. "But seriously though, hip-hop is so huge, you gotta expect people from all walks of life enjoy it. Rap should be more open-minded. Personally, it made me not want to speak about my personal life at all when it came to rapping. Like some things were off limits. Thankfully I don’t feel like that anymore."

Hip-hop is one of the forms of music that fans are most interested in the story behind the artist, to learn where their passion comes from. Nicki Minaj may be putting on a show, but it’s just confusing the people that want to like her, but can’t seem to figure out why’s constantly backpeddaling or explaining her explanations. She’s become an unintentional gay ally, of sorts, but doesn’t seem as interested in being for anything other than herself. And that may be what contemporary hip-hop has come to be about. But, at its core, it’s about something deeper: community.

"The only threat to out female MCs is yourselves, ladies," Shunda K says. "I mean if you’re not putting a true message of self worth, encouraging and motivating the people, just rapping, you can forget it. That goes for everybody in the game! That’s what we need to set ourselves apart. Show and prove that you loving you, not just faking it to make it, but giving the people hope."

For more information on the artists in the article, visit their websites: Melange LaVonne, Shunda K, Psalm One, God-Des and She and JenRO.

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