The problem with Nicki Minaj: Out female MCs on being real in rap


So when is Nicki truly being Nicki? Is her whole persona a gimmick? And how can she say "They’ll listen to my music and know who I am" and then turn around and say "I’m not going to explain something just because I said it in a rap." Is she dismissing the very thing she says we should believe to be true?

The problem is that Nicki Minaj is the biggest thing in hip-hop right now. Not just the biggest woman, the biggest new artist that everyone anticipates seeing, hearing, Tweeting. Whether she means to or not, she represents women in hip-hop, and the ones who hear her lyrics about lesbians and sleeping with women aren’t always going to read every interview with her in which she "clarifies" she doesn’t sleep with them.

Out MC Melange LaVonne says Nicki is doing it for the sex appeal. "I think sex sells in the music industry and she has done a successful job at it. Anyone who wants to glorify homosexuality is OK in my book. I’d rather you glorify it than bash it."

LaVonne says she’s dealt with homophobia in her career, but she hopes to be "the Rosa Parks of hip-hop."

"I think people still aren’t ready for it," she says. "But for me, I know that I have to create my own path regardless if the industry isn’t ready, I’m ready, and that’s all the confirmation I need to move forward. I am going to sit in the front, and you can try to make me move, but I will be here along with others who aren’t afraid to be themselves. We just want to be able to make a living and enjoy what we do just like the next hip-hop artist."

Shunda K thinks Nicki isn’t real at all. "Faking it to make it is not wassup! However, from my wifey’s perspective, she feels that Nicki finally feels like the woman she’s always wanted to be after the plastic surgery and getting her teeth fixed, etc. So, maybe she is bi now — who the hell knows!"

Shunda is arguably the most successful out female hip-hop MC, her original group Yo Majesty having signed with Domino Records for their debut album. Since, she’s worked with Peaches on a single and several other artists to produce regular mixtapes and hot tracks. Shunda says  being gay and being a Christian are a part of her, so therefore part of her music. "I think its necessary for people as a whole to come out and be themselves. It is our responsibility to love one another and look out for each other cause we all we got at the end of the day! There are plenty of people in the industry faking it to make it, gay and all. Hopefully, they’ll start being real soon, too."

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