“The Playboy Club” recap: Episode 3

Back at the club, CL finally finds out Doris is an undercover reporter. And she’s an undercover reporter who is really bad at hiding her employer, because she can’t even wait to finish her shift to hand the story over to him at the club (where others can see). CL goes through her bag to see if she can find anything to destroy, but Doris walks in and says she’s already got everything she needs to write a story about the place.

That night, CL, tells the women that Doris was no bunny at all, she was a reporter. She asks if anyone may have given her any sensitive information and everyone admits they have. Oopsie! To make matters worse, CL finds a newspaper photo of Nick and Frances with the caption, “Chicago’s Camelot Couple.” She decides she’s going to see who is bad for who’s campaign!

Out for another date, Nick and Frances discuss their little arrangement. Nick sort of admits to having a girlfriend, and Frances basically admits to wanting him as her beard (as well as the fact that Nick is who her dad would like to see her with). She also says she’s looking for the same thing Nick is and hands him a check from her father for $50k to his campaign fund. I still can’t tell if he knows she’s gay.

Making things only slightly awkward, CL and Nick’s nemesis, Jimmy, come in for a casual drink (and to show Nick that two can play that game). Nick is feeling pretty yucky at the moment and Frances is feeling feisty. I like her.

Billy goes to talk the newspaper editor out of publishing the expose, but Doris comes in and tells him the story is too good not to print. It’s about one of his bunnies killing a man and it’s going to be on page one. The next day, we hear a voiceover of Doris reading about how she found out the bunnies were doing their job for money and fame. But she also found out that one bunny committed (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN) MURDER!

Later, Nick and Maureen go to an undisclosed location (somewhere downtown) and Nick tells her to let him handle things for once. He goes to speak with Doris about the story and tells her she’d better be careful because she’s writing about murder without being positive about the facts. She could ruin innocent people’s lives in the process, and get herself into trouble with the wrong people. She hands him her files and says she’s got plenty of evidence supporting her case. Surprise, surprise, it’s a different bunny.

It’s late at night and Maureen and Janie are the only two awake, nervously thinking about getting out of town. It turns out, Janie killed a man too. It was a car accident and she killed a man, but only had to serve a little bit of time while her scary husband got the book thrown at him. Now he’ll know where to find her, and she needs to get out of there. She says she had just come to the Club to get away from all the bad things in her past, but she can’t seem to shake them.

The following day, when the paper was supposed to reveal all, Nick comes in and explains that he’s fixed it and the paper is going to print a retraction.

Yay, the Bunnies are saved and CL is singing, “Lady is a Tramp” in a hot little red number. Sean greets Nick at the bar and says he heard he got a check with a lot of zeroes, “It’s raining men – I mean money,” and Nick shakes his hand and offers him the job saying, “While you get me elected, just try not to ruin my life.”

Nick and CL converse about their fake relationships and, out of nowhere, CL goes in with a jab about him and Maureen not being able to stay away from each other. She leaves to go back to her office, where she finds Doris returning the blue bunny outfit. Doris tells her it was nothing personal and the Bunny Momma tells her it absolutely was and defends her bunnies left and right. She says the club gives these girls a chance to make something for themselves but they couldn’t write about that, now could they? Doris said that’s not what sells newspapers. I’m fairly certain that if they took pictures of the bunnies at the club and printed them in the papers, that actually would sell. In fact, newspaper folks may want to start thinking about doing that right about now!

Somewhere, a group of good-looking, well-dressed folks, in what is probably an equally well-decorated basement, are meeting. Sean’s boyfriend is elected Treasurer of The Mattachine Society. Sean is one controlling queen, isn’t he? He’s also quite the wingman and winner of Best Gay Husband of the Year Award for introducing Alice to Frances, who immediately says, “You’re the prettiest bunny at the club.” I see a lot of trips back there in the near future along with every lesbian’s rite of passage: Making out in a bathroom stall. Can’t wait!

The episode ends on the creepy side of town, where John picks up Maureen and heads to an unknown place to discuss her interactions with his father and most likely increase their bizarre sexual tension.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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