“The Playboy Club” recap: Episode 2

The seamstress, Pearl, tells Carol Lynne there isn’t anything she can do with all the blood on Maureen’s outfit. So, like any good den mother would do, she confronts Maureen and asks, “How did you get all this blood on your costume?” Instead of coming up with, well, anything really, Maureen simply states that she cannot tell her. That wasn’t going to cut it and thankfully Maureen comes up with a plausible story saying that she went out to smoke and got accosted by a “street man” who tried to steal her money. She fought him back and kicked him and it sounded really good until she said he hit her and her nose started to bleed and that was how it all went down. I’m no Dexter, but those blood spatter patterns are all wrong.

The good news is, she was able to come up with a reason  Nick swooped in and took her home. This seems to ease some of the tension between the two women.

Speaking of Nick, he makes a quick stop by John Bianchi’s place to let him know he’ll help find his father. The good man that he is says, “I’m not doing this for Bruno, I’m doing this for you,” and somehow walks away with a brand new slick car. It turns out, he uses the car as the bribe to Mayor Daley. He is one crafty mo fo.

In the dressing rooms, Carol Lynne and Pearl are still talking about all that blood on Maureen’s dress, but more importantly, they’re talking about how Nick may have kept it in his pants and she should give him another chance. Pearl says, “Oh honey he’s a man; he’ll never be perfect.” I got news for you toots, women are no piece of cake either. Carol Lynne decides to give Maureen the benefit of the doubt and to save her outfit, they dye her costume and her heels bright red. Obviously she will be the hottest in the room.

Maureen goes swinging her red hot tail in the general direction of poor, sweet, gay Alice who doesn’t know what’s coming: a request from Maureen to stay late and take her audition photos. Lady boner!

She says, oh hey, yeah definitely. While Alice is sweating and Maureen adjusts her cleavage flirtatiously for the camera, Nick and Carol Lynne have made up and are making up for lost sexy time.

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