“The Playboy Club” recap: Episode 2

Back at the club, Maureen spends her time holding Mr. Bianchi’s key and looking forlornly into the mirror. She needs to find herself a hobby because having flashbacks of stuffing the key into her bunny suit just isn’t a good way to spend her time. It is, however, an OK time for me. Brenda catches Maureen and is like, “What’s up with you and that key?” Maureen lies and says she found it on the floor of the club and is going to put it on a necklace to wear for her Playboy cover model auditions. Brenda forgets all about the key and acts like she’s surprised Maureen was going to try out. Brenda must’ve forgotten she found out about auditions because Maureen was spreading the word.

She acts like she doesn’t care but it’s obvious she’s lying. I can tell she cares because she’s making the same face Raven Symone makes when she is serious about something. It’s on.

Maureen grabs the key, puts it on her necklace and makes eyes at herself in the mirror like Sarah Silverman at the end of Jesus is Magic (link is NSFW).

Rise and shine, the bunnies are woken by Carol Lynne, who is dressed in a little black number and looking hot! Everyone gets a training booklet and Maureen gets some added advice when Carol Lynne tells her she needs to train the most because she’s new and sucks at her job. Maureen says thank you and Carol Lynne continues the de-motivation while increasing the odd sexual tension between the two of them by commenting on how dirty her room is. As she’s looking around, she finds a copy of a an Playboy magazine with her on the cover. Maureen lets her know how much they all admire it and think she’s just so beautiful. She also says she’s really psyched to hear Hef is looking for a Chicago bunny to be on the cover. It was Carol Lynne’s idea, of course, and she says if Maureen wants to be on the cover she has to be a real bunny first so she had better train hard.

As Carol Lynne walks away, she notices Maureen’s dirty, blood-soaked costume and scolds her for wearing it outside of the club. The Mama Bunny takes the outfit away to get cleaned, much to the horror of Maureen.

Somewhere in another part of town, Nick sweet-talks his way into Mayor Daley‘s office to ask for his blessing to run for State’s Attorney. Daley asks Nick if he’s spoken to Bruno, Mr. Bianchi, about it. Nick says he hasn’t spoken to him since three Christmas parties ago. Daley says Nick’s got his blessing but also makes it clear that he expects a bribe.

During training, the girls are off to a rough start because none of them can answer Carol Lynne’s first question, with the exception of Mensa’s smartest bunny, Maureen. Brenda and Janie are now the mean girls of the house and think they already know everything. Carol Lynne calls them out and directs the next question at them specifically. They don’t know the answer but Maureen is two for two. That’s all for that day’s training but Carol Lynne tells them if they want to get their chance at the Playboy cover they have to get their shots in by that Friday.

Bunny Janie goes to talk with her boyfriend, bartender Max, who looks like a cross between Mark Paul Gosselar and Ryan Reynolds. He can’t understand why she isn’t sending her pictures in. She successfully deflects the question by reminding him about how jealous he already was about the clientele being all over her.

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