The Oscars were “a great year for lesbians,” but better for a king


For the final award of the night, The King’s Speech beat out all the lesbians to take best picture. Though lest you think the movie’s upper-crust British accents was the only thing gayish about the movie, producer Iain Canning thanked his “boyfriend Ben” in his acceptance speech.

And then to put the cherry on the night’s gay sundae, the Staten Island PS 22 children’s choir came out to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” But wait, there was still one more very lesbian moment at the Oscars. If you watched the credits roll you saw this familiar name pop up as one of the writers. Yes, that Liz Feldman.

But who cares about the show (and let’s try our hardest to forget about the black hole of charisma that was Franco’s hosting), how about the dresses?

Mila Kunis: It’s a little hard to see, but I’m pretty sure Kunis put some lacey, violet appliqué on her cleavage in case of wardrobe malfunction.

Jennifer Lawrence: The Winter’s Bone star looked sleek, sexy and like she was getting ready for a part in Baywatch: Sometimes the Suit Comes Back.

Jennifer Hudson: Dreamgirl, indeed.

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