The New Lesbian Coven on “Dante’s Cove”


It wasn’t all work for the cast who, unlike many of their industry counterparts who shoot in chillier climes, spent a month in Hawaii. "For me it really is paradise shooting here," Wolff said. "My friends are all packing their parkas going to Vancouver to shoot, and I’m like, ‘See ya!’" Already a certified scuba diver, Wolff learned to surf during the filming of the second season of Dante’s Cove and enjoyed swimming and surfing while in Oahu again this year.

"Yeah, it was a win-win situation," Shimizu said. "Film in Hawaii with a great cast, you’re getting paid — it was a wonderful experience."

Bennett also enjoyed the poker games. "There was actually another film shooting there at the same time," she said, "and we ended up playing with some of the cast and crew of that other project."

All three of the out lesbian actors expressed their wonder and appreciation at having the opportunity to work with each other on a queer project for a queer network. Shimizu said, "I feel very fortunate to be a part of it, because it’s in the beginning stages of turning into something bigger than what anyone expected, and I feel really grateful."

Bennett recalled a moment during shooting where she thought: "I’m doing a gay show on a gay network; I’m in Hawaii; I’m working with friends; I’m working with family. I’m so lucky. I am blessed to be doing what I am doing."

Wolff is also glad that here! TV’s availability has expanded so much since the second season of Dante’s aired. "It’s exciting to have it available to more people and to wake more people up that here’s this really great network that’s doing all gay programming 24/7," she said.

Meredith Kadlec said: "I remember the first time I was on the set watching the shooting of a scene with Michelle, Jill and Jenny in it, and I just thought, ‘That is really amazing; that is a really cool thing to see. Three lesbian characters in a lesbian triangle played by three lesbian actors.’"

The women of Dante’s Cove, both on the set and behind the scenes, have more of a presence than ever in this forthcoming season. They’re pleased to be part of a project that brings queer men and women together, both on-screen and off.

"I feel like across the board the female presence in the show is great," said Kadlec, "and I feel really good about the fact that we were able to turn up the volume on all of that in Season 3 without compromising all the great gay male stuff that we have in there."

Though, as Bennett said, "No one on the set pretends we’re doing Shakespeare," Dante’s Cove is certainly continuing the grand old gay tradition of camp with this soap opera billed proudly as a "guilty pleasure." And with the addition of three out lesbian actors and increased women’s story lines, dykes can now join with their queer brothers and claim this cove as their own.

Watch the trailer for Season 3 here:

Watch the premiere of Dante’s Cove on here! TV, Friday, Oct. 19, and visit Dante’s Cove‘s official website for more information. Also check out photos from the Dante’s Cove premiere party!

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