The mysterious Kalinda Sharma: the best bisexual character on TV

The next scene shows Kalinda leaving, walking down the hall, and so it would appear nothing else happened between them. But she doesn’t far before running into Blake (Scott Porter), her frenemy who has also provided some sexual tension with Kalinda on screen.

Even more so than Lana, she needs something from Blake. He has some evidence she wants back in her possession: the infamous bat she used to vandalize his car and possibly have killed a witness with. They go back to his place, where Blake pats Kalinda down, looking for her weapon. “You missed a spot,” she tells him, and he finds it, her holster falling to the floor. He turns around and lets Kalinda take her turn.

Suddenly, they are facing each other both disheveled, half-dressed, having checked each other for wires. Now Blake is without a shirt and Kalinda is out of her dress and in her slip.

They continue in the same conversation, but stop when Blake comes close to Kalinda and moves to kiss her.

Blake: Donna thinks you like women more than men.

Kalinda: Sometimes. Depends. Where’s my baseball bat?

Blake: It’s in my bag.

Kalinda: I want it back. [He hands it to her from his bag behind him on the couch.]

Blake: So you’ll lay off?

Kalinda: Lay off what?

Blake: Everything.

Kalinda: Yeah. [She kisses him]

Blake: What do you care about Leyla?

Kalinda: I don’t.

Blake: Then what do you care about?

Kalinda pauses, then promptly swoops the bat up and swings it right into Blake’s torso. He collapses on the floor, barely able to breathe.

Without missing a beat, Kalinda dials security for the building on her cell and asks them to come help her boyfriend who is having breathing issues. But before she leaves, she asks if he has anything else to say. He manages to choke out, “I found your husband.”

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