“The L Word” Season 5 Premiere: Photos and More

Marlee Matlin: "We knew that there was a fan base that wasn’t being served by this kind of programming, and it’s exactly what the audience wants. It’s a matter of providing them with good writing and good acting, and that’s all we had to do and they show up. It’s good stuff, and good stuff always sells. It’s a no-brainer that there’s going to be a Season 6."

Pam Grier (on what’s in store for Kit this season): "She’s going to face some of the worst demons she ever has because she’s clean now and she can’t get away with anything anymore. She’s dealing with the loss of her lover Angus, she’s dealing with so much. She’s going to mature, she’s going do some growing. It’s [The L Word] done very well and I’m very, very pleased with it. It’s very positive, but bittersweet because there’s a lot of things she’s gonna have to let go of that will hurt her."

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