“The L Word” Season 2 Review


Jenny (Mia Kirshner)Carmen and Jenny

The character of Jenny is considerably more entertaining and less annoying this season in general, although she still has her moments (which include pretty much any scene about her writing). In addition to her friendship with Bette, Jenny’s friendship with Shane–which develops when the two become roommates after Tim moves away–is sweet and lightens her character up considerably, and Kirshner brings her trademark intensity to the role, to good effect.

This is also the season Jenny finally begins to stand on her own two feet. “I’ve never really been on my own before, and I think that I need to just feel scared” she says at one point, before adding (to the “amen!” of viewers everywhere), “I can’t distract myself by creating all this fucking labyrinth-like drama that I’m so good at creating.” While Jenny continues to be just as dysfunctional as ever, it’s a little easier to put up with since at least we finally see her moving in the right direction.

Shane’s no-commitment rule is tested this season by the show’s other new character, Carmen (Sarah Shahi). Carmen’s sincerity and non-calculated directness is refreshing; her hair, however, is not. It looks as if her hairdresser wanted to pay tribute to the mullet, but stopped halfway through, with the result that she appears to have different hairstyles depending on the angle of her head.

But multiple-hair-personality disorder aside, Carmen fits in well with the other characters, and the actress is a nice addition to the cast (not to mention easy on the eyes). Carmen’s on-again, off-again relationship with both Shane and Jenny contributes to the second season’s dramatic tension, and adds an interesting layer of complexity to Shane and Jenny’s relationship, as they both struggle to determine their feelings for Carmen in the context of their friendship.

With the addition of Shahi, who is of Spanish and Persian descent, The L Word continues to offer a representation of lesbians that is far more racially diverse than any other show on television.

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