“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 6.08 “Last Word”


Next door — Tina is beholding the negative reels in the attic. She and Shane can only shake their heads and drop their jaws in awe.

Stealing things and hiding them in the attic — more than everything else she has done — really makes Jenny seem crazy. Seriously, dangerously delusional. Oh, the marvels and wonders that must teem and fester in the space between those Monet-frequency ears!

Upstairs at Bette’s — Jenny is standing on that railing-less balcony, looking for Bette. She’s not quite prepared for what she finds.

Bette: Look, I just want you to know something. My family, and the life that I have worked so hard to build for them, means everything in the world to me. And there is nothing that I wouldn’t do to preserve or protect them.

Jenny: I would never do anything to hurt your family, Bette. I love you. I love Tina.
Bette: Well, I’m glad to hear that. Because you know what, I don’t really care —
Jenny: OK.
Bette: — if you think that I f—ed Kelly. All I really care about is that you know that I will not abide anyone who threatens my family.

The controlled crescendo of Bette’s rage is beautiful and terrible. Abide! She won’t abide it! Push her off, Bette! Do it!

Jenny just looks Bette in the eye.

Cut to the interrogation room, where we once again see Bette — who is nervous, tense, on the verge of tears — describing Jenny. Complicated. Complex.

The media room — Tina is looking for Jenny and muttering to herself.

Tina: [to herself] How could you f—ing do that to me? How could you f—ing do that to me? I’m just gonna put her out of her f—in’ misery.

The tribute video is playing, sans audience. And there’s Tim, sending Bette and Tina his best wishes and thanking his lucky stars that he didn’t end up with "that nutcase, Jenny."

Tim: Ha-ha. Just kidding, Jenny. Come on. You know I love you.

It’s possible she doesn’t know anything at all right now, except what happens when you die. I just want to know what happened up there on that balcony.

Making up and breaking up — Outside, Alice tells Shane that she’s decided to forgive Jenny and make peace with her.

Shane: Why?

Alice: I’m alone now, and I need my friends. And you guys are gonna be together.
Shane: We’re not together.
Alice: I thought you said you couldn’t break up with her.
Shane: That was then.

And this is now, and Jenny is definitely an outsider. Stay gold, Ponyboy!

The interrogation room — Alice has a question.

Alice: What does this have to do with who killed Jenny? I don’t understand, at all, these questions.

Sgt. Duffy: Ah. So you think someone killed Jenny.


A meeting of the minds — Bette and Tina happen upon each other. Bette was just checking on Angie, and Tina was just getting a sweater. Tina starts to try to talk to Bette about "something" (panic floods Bette’s face), but Max interrupts. He was just getting a sweater too, you see. They’re all nervous. Then they all smile at each other, as if to congratulate themselves on finding reasons to disappear for a few minutes there. Ah, the old sweater alibi.

Max tells them that he felt a kick for the first time today, so Bette and Tina hug him and touch his belly. Softly, Max says, "I guess that’s my little baby." Aww.

Outside, Sounder circles the pool, whimpering. What is it, pup? Did Jenny fall down the well?

The tribute video — Everyone — except Jenny — has gathered in the media room to watch the tribute video. There are tributes from Angus (ugh), Ivan (cool!), Peggy (the queen), Jodi (whuh?), Marina (wow) and Carmen (yyyessss).

That was fun, but how much more fun would it have been if they had actually, um, shown up?

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