“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 6.08 “Last Word”


Shane and Jenny’s house — Shane is frantically searching Jenny’s things. She rifles through drawers, rummages in boxes, and finally goes to the closet and looks up at the attic trapdoor.

Eeek! Here it comes! I’m scared!

Shane ascends and finds the jacket and the letter. She falls to her knees and reads it with a racing heart.

Aw, Shane. I’m sorry.

She heaves a heavy sigh, then stands up to go. Her foot catches on something, a raincoat or tarp or whatever, and she reveals — gasp!! — the Lez Girls negative.

OMG! I totally didn’t see that coming. I thought the case of the stolen negative was going to be just another unsolved mystery. Jenny! Bad, bad, bad! I was expecting to see a dead body or an assortment of voodoo dolls in the attic, but this? Quelle horreur!

The interrogation room — Tina’s been listening to the fans.

Sgt. Duffy: Tell us about the movie. What’s it called?

Tina: It was called Les Girls. Or Lez Girls. Everybody pronounced it differently.

Snort. That kind of nod to the audience is what season finales are for.

The house that’s not a home for much longer — Bette shows everyone the master bedroom. It’s pretty stunning. I want a two-headed shower! Hmm. Yeah, that sounds dirty no matter how you say it.

Tina warns everybody to be careful around that unfinished railing. How many times do we have to hear about the damn railing?!

The interrogation room — Oh, hey, Tasha. How’d you end up at the police station? We all thought you were AWOL for the drowning scene. It’s nice to be wrong about that!

Tasha: Alice has one of the biggest hearts of anybody I know.

But then Tasha says that Alice takes risks, which isn’t a smart move. What are they teaching you at that police academy, Tasha? How to incriminate your (maybe) girlfriend?

A confrontation — Back in the fabulous new bathroom, Max can’t believe Tina and Bette aren’t going to get to enjoy their new place. Bette hints that they "already have." Everyone approves of that intimation.

Kit interrupts and asks to talk to Bette. Oh boy.

Alice, Max and Helena leave the sisters alone. Kit tells Bette about the iPhone video and gets upset when Bette denies that anything happened between her and Kelly.

Kit: Girl, stop, stop! I saw it. Jenny showed me this video that she shot through your window. With your face in between Kelly’s legs.

Bette: [furious] That’s not possible. That’s bull—!
Kit: I saw it. She did it. Don’t lie to me.
Bette: [yelling] It’s impossible!

Ugh. I don’t like it when they fight. And I don’t see how Bette can talk her way out of this one, even though she’s innocent.

While Kit and Bette holler at each other, Alice, Helena and Max have wandered downstairs and are wondering where everybody is. And Shane has just pulled Tina next door for a tour of the attic. Gosh, what a swell party this is!

The interrogation room — Huh? Niki?!

Niki: Don’t I get to have a lawyer here?

Sgt. Duffy: No, you’re entitled. I think that the reason that none of the others have asked for a lawyer is uh … well, they really trust one another.
Niki: What do you mean, they really trust one another?
Sgt. Duffy: Well, I think that they feel that, uh, no one of them is gonna say anything that would hurt the other. You know, they’re very, very close. And boy, they are looking out for one another.

Niki looks nervous and is probably thinking she’s in danger of being sold out by the others. Come on, Niki: that’s the oldest trick in the book. Do you actually watch movies, or do you only star in them? I think Sgt. Duffy was actually having trouble keeping a straight face in that scene. So to speak.

During this little exchange, we get another glimpse of the investigative notepad. It’s the same shot we saw before. That is totally the key to the mystery, isn’t it? Damn. Why didn’t I take a steno class like my mom told me to?

Gathering her audience — Jenny asks everyone to come to the media room to watch the video. No, not that video — the tribute video.

Helena and Alice are sitting in a swivel chair with their backs to Jenny. They spin around to face her, like villains in an underground lair. Muahahahaha!

Jenny explains that they should get started because the video is three hours long. Three hours?! Of course it is. So is this episode, I think.

But I find myself feeling sorry for Jenny. She seems so eager and genuine, like a kid who just wants to please her framily. After causing them so, so much pain.

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