“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 6.08 “Last Word”


Back at the party, Alice makes an announcement.

Alice: OK. I have decided to make up with [Jenny]. For Shane’s sake.

Aw. Clearly Alice is an affectionate drunk. And the generosity of spirit is contagious:

Bette: Really? OK [raising a glass], well, let’s all give it a try. I mean, why not?

I guess they’re all affectionate, happy drunks. Let’s call the governor while we’re at it, and get him to issue some pardons! Helena is the only one who doesn’t whole-heartedly join in the toast. Instead of clinking her glass with everyone else’s, she shakes her glass and sneers. Yeah, I’m feeling shaky too. Make up with Jenny? Uh … why? I mean, it’s nice and all, but what about the destruction and manipulation and general Schecterian trickery? We’re just going to let it slide?

The interrogation room — Helena is (presumably) still talking about her inability to trust her lovers. It’s easier with friends.

Helena: My friends are different. Tina, Bette … Alice, Tasha, Shane, Max, Kit. Especially Kit.

Cop who isn’t Sgt. Duffy: What about Jenny?

Helena turns, startled. No doubt she realizes that leaving Jenny off that list doesn’t exactly look good. But she’s probably also startled by the mere suggestion that anyone would consider Jenny a friend at this point.

Bette and Tina’s media room — Jenny is setting up the tribute video. But Kit "has a bone to pick" with her. Jenny sighs. Here we go.

Kit asks her to let go of the Kelly thing.

Jenny: Do you actually think that I want to hurt Bette and Tina?

Well, yeah, actually! You don’t? "Then don’t," says Kit. And it does seem that simple, doesn’t it? But apparently it’s much more complex in Jenny’s mind.

Jenny: [pleading] I don’t want to be involved in this. I can see that I’m making everybody uncomfortable. I can see that my friends don’t want to be around me anymore. That they want me to shut the f— up and go away.

Kit nods and purses her lips. Girl.

Jenny: I just wanna do the right thing.

The … what? Hold up. She thinks she’s doing the right thing?!

OK, bear with me a minute, because maybe that’s actually possible. What if Jenny really does think she’s helping her friends? I started pondering this and realized it’s not too difficult to match up each of Jenny’s targets with one of the seven deadly sins:

Lust: Shane

Gluttony: Niki (not food — fame, attention)
Greed: Tina (if you see her as a tool of the movie-ruining Shaolin people)
Sloth: Max (OK, maybe not. But remember his dirty feet!)
Wrath: Helena (she gets really mad!)
Envy: Alice (she envied Jenny’s screenwriting career)
Pride: Bette

Bette and Shane are the only ones that need no explanation. The others are kind of a stretch. But Jenny’s mind is so stretchy, it’s like Silly Putty, so who knows. I’m just saying: what if all along, she really has been trying to do the right thing?

Hmm. I think I’ve just rocked my own world by considering that possibility. Because if Jenny really doesn’t know that she’s been hurting people — or thinks she’s been hurting them in the service of some higher good — then her story is truly tragic.

I wish Peggy Peabody could come hold me and tell me it’s going to be all right.

Kit asks Jenny whether she has proof of the supposed affair between Kelly and Bette. Jenny claims not to want to show Kit the proof, but — of course — she does.

Jenny plugs her iPhone into the flat-screen TV on the wall and tells Kit to press play. Dorothy Snarker has already questioned the whole video-on-an-iPhone thing. Surely Jenny would have no idea how to jailbreak her phone, but maybe Max the computer whiz set it up for her. But I won’t pursue that further, mostly because I’m too sad. Kit’s face is saying, "I guess I have to go back to thinking of my sister as a pooty-chasing dog who deserves to be tied down and whupped upside the head."

Chorus of Erstwhiles: VII
Angelica: Mama B in a movie?
Toxic Tonya: I am totally uploading that everywhere.
Mark: Who has the rapey camera now? Huh? WHO?
Mr. Piddles: Can you change the channel to Animal Planet, please?
Shay: I don’t think I’m allowed to see TV-MA-LSV.
Fae Buckley: Was that my daughter? Where did you get that tape?!
Dawn Denbo: Heh. Heh heh heh. You dog, Bette.
Dana: Great. I got cancer and died — me, everybody’s favorite — but evil Jenny was allowed to live? Look what she’s doing to my friends! Screw you. All of you. Let’s go to Howie’s house, Mr. P. I hear he has some good weed.

The interrogation room — It’s a good thing we have these glimpses of Sgt. Duffy to keep us going.

It seems Bette is being asked to describe her friends.

Sgt. Duffy: Jenny Schecter.

Bette: Very complex. Uh … talented. Self-destructive. Sometimes very generous, but complicated. Complex.

Yeah. What she said. Can we just put that on Jenny’s tombstone right now?

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