“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 6.08 “Last Word”

Shopping — Shane is browsing at a swanky shop called Provide. And by "browsing," I mean she’s clutching a big bowl and stumbling around looking bewildered. I’m right there with you, Shane. No stripey big brown bowl can shield us from the senselessness.

She gets in line to pay, and then spots someone over in the corner.

Shane: Molly?!

They talk. Shane tells Molly that Bette and Tina are moving to New York.

Molly: That’s great for them.
Shane: It is what it is.

Thanks, Stefan.

Molly talks about how "surprising" it is that Shane and Jenny are together. Yeah, that’s one word for it. Molly also mentions the night she dropped off Shane’s jacket. Yes, finally, that Chekhovian letter jacket goes off.

Molly: I wrote the letter because I wanted to say all this stuff, and —
Shane: I’m sorry, wait, um … uh … what letter are you talking about?
Molly: The letter. It’s in the pocket of the jacket that I gave to Jenny to give to you.

I think Shane is shrieking internally.

Molly: But it doesn’t matter. I’m really OK. You don’t owe me anything at all, really.

Molly acknowledges that she fell for Shane and fell apart "like a million other girls," but now she’s fine. Trouble is, in Shane’s eyes, Molly’s not like any of those other girls. But Molly does seem happy and fine now. (So fine!)

They say their good-byes. Shane, in a daze, puts down the bowl and leaves. Go find that jacket, girl!

Finally, the good-bye party — Holy hell, how long is this episode? I know I’m being extra verbose in this recap, but still. Ordinarily we’re winding down, not up, at the 40-minute mark.

At Bette and Tina’s, Bette makes her way down the railing-less staircase to greet Alice.

Bette: Can I get you a drink?
Alice: Yeah, um, Captain Morgan’s and Coke. It’s my fourth of the day.
Bette: Nice work.
Alice: I started at 11 this morning.
Helena: Oh, God. [raising her own glass] You go, girl. Here’s to you, Alice.
Alice: Drinkin’ my way through it.

You and most of the audience. Whoa, Max: your ‘stache!

Have you just come from an audition for a local stage adaptation of Boogie Nights or something? Laurel was in that movie — she can probably give you some tips.

Helena asks Alice whether Tasha has called yet. Alice answers with her face instead of her voice. Then Alice asks where Dylan is, and gets a similarly pointed, nonverbal reply from Helena.

Bette: [under her breath] Oh, maleficent.

Tina: Lovely, Bette.

It is: Bette’s vocabulary is lovely. There’s no disputing that.

Helena: I think of Jenny as Kali, the goddess of destruction.

From minor demon to goddess in only six seasons! That’s the accelerated curriculum for aspiring fiends.

Alice asks for details, but Helena’s too tired to give them. And everyone else is too tired to hear them, I’d wager. So Alice moves on to wondering where Jenny and Shane are — they haven’t arrived yet.

Max: Maybe Shane threw a bucket of water on her and she melted.

They all crack up at this, and Alice declares it the "first mean thing" Max has ever said. I’d high-five you if I could, Max!

The interrogation room — At long last, we get to see more than a micrometer or a nanosecond of Sergeant Duffy.

Max is being questioned. He may have just called Jenny a witch at the party, but right now, Max is speaking very highly of her.

Max: She really saw me for who I am, you know? She helped me accept it. It’s one of the most important things that’s ever happened in my life. I never knew anyone who could see someone’s inner desires and thoughts quite like Jenny. It’s kind of scary, actually.

Yeah; that’s part of the demon-in-training course of study. Soul-Peering and Inner Darknesses 102.

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