“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 6.08 “Last Word”

The core framily members speak on the video too, assuring Bette and Tina that they’ll always be in their hearts.

As our heroines watch, they wonder where Jenny is. But they don’t really wonder too much — not enough to pause the video. Finally Alice, as the agent of forgiveness and change, goes to find Jenny.

She comes back sobbing and hysterical.

As the ambulance and police cars arrive and we return to the opening scene of the season, I get chills: I mean, Jenny was floating in the pool while they all celebrated their friends and their lives. That’s eerie and morbid as hell. But speaking of hell, what is that music?! Lee Ann Womack? No. Nomack.

Suddenly we see some cops outside, telling Niki to put her hands in the air as she emerges from the bushes. The bushes?! She goes inside, where of course everyone wonders what she’s doing there.

Niki: [to Shane] I came to talk to Jenny. I saw what was going on at the dance marathon, and I just saw the way that she was keeping you like a prisoner —

Shane: Niki, shut up. Niki, shut up!

So many motives. So little crime. Or maybe one big group crime. You decide! It’s all up for grabs.

Outside, Tasha — yay! — tries to convince a cop that it’s OK to let her go inside because she’s a student at the police academy. Uh, why would that help? But apparently it works. Inside, Tasha pulls Alice into a hug.

Tasha: I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.

Really? You’re not? Whew.

Sgt. Duffy surveys the group and decides she’s not ready to part with them just yet.

Sgt. Duffy: You know, I’m afraid this is gonna take a bit longer than we thought.

Bette: Well, we’ll do whatever you need for us to do.
Kit: We’ll cooperate with you.
Tina: Yeah, we’re a very tight-knit group.
Shane: And we take care of each other.
Alice: None of us did anything wrong. We don’t know what happened out there.
Helena: You probably just want us to come down to the station. Right?

Sgt. Duffy: That would be great.

She winked! Did you see that? Lucy Lawless totally winked at me.

Just plain sad — In the media room, Jenny is on the screen. She offers her final soliloquy to no one at all.

Jenny: You guys, um … you guys changed my life. Wow, you really did. And I’m never gonna forget you. So thank you for everything. OK?

Not really, no. It’s not really OK. I’m sorry you had to end this way, Jenny.

Chorus of Erstwhiles: VIII
Everyone: Good-bye.

Dana: [sighing] Come on, Jenny. I’ll show you around the afterlife.

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