“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.6 “Lights! Camera! Action!”


Phyllis’ Shake Shack — It’s the party of the year at Phyllis’ house. She and her late-in-life lesbian pals are shimmying to oldies-but-goodies like “Leader of the Pack.”

Tina sees Bette and walks right over to her. Bette is clearly trying to protect herself from gamma rays. Or maybe she’s preparing for a joust.

Tina asks where Jodi is.

Bette: She didn’t want to do a work thing, and Phyllis is work for us.

Tina: Right.
Bette: Tina? Do you want to get out of here?

OK, I’ll admit it. I swooned a little. So did Tina. Bette turns without a word, and Tina follows.

They left just in time, because things are getting crazy. Phyllis and her friends are suddenly disrobing and hooting and hollering and dancing on the diving board. And they’re all wearing similar undergarments.

Alice: [to Shane] You gonna dance in your black bra?

Now that’s our sassy Alice!

Just as Phyllis is about to get even looser, someone interesting arrives at the party. Shane asks Alice who she is.

Shane: She’s cute.

New arrival: Mother!

Yes, it’s Phyllis’ daughter. And it’s also Cybill Shepherd’s real-life daughter, because the meta-er, the merrier.

Equally shocking — Bette and Tina have tea at Tina’s house. They chat about Lez Girls and Director Schecter. And then they really talk.

Bette: I don’t know what to do.

Tina: You’re in love with Jodi, right?

Bette: I adore her. And I respect and admire her. But …
Tina: [barely daring to breathe] But what?

Bette: [softly] It doesn’t really compare.

They make love to the haunting, seductive strains of Feist’s “Honey Honey.” Maybe Feist didn’t win a Grammy, but I think we can crown her Sexiest New Artist after this.

My poor heart can’t take much more of this hotness. This sex scene recalls the incredible scene of the pilot episode, and reminds us that these two just might be made for each other.

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