“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.6 “Lights! Camera! Action!”

The Planet — Since Bette didn’t deign to dine with her and Angie, Tina is breakfasting with Shane and Alice. Could Angie be more adorable?

(Looks like she has also found that sippy cup Mama B was shrieking for at the beginning of Season 4.)

Shane asks whether they’re all going to Phyllis’ party tonight. Tina asks whether Bette’s going to be there.

Alice: I thought you guys were getting along lately.

Tina: Yeah, yeah. It’s not a problem.

In fact, it’s what you might call a good problem to have.

Tina: Is Tasha coming?

Alice: [strident] It’s over, Tina!

Some people are so touchy!

Tina: Come on, this is crazy. You two are so in love.

Alice: It doesn’t always matter.

Before Tina can continue to torture Alice, Tina’s phone rings. Her ringtone is beyond sweet: It’s Angelica saying, “You have a phone call” in a singsongy way.

Guess who’s on the phone? Bette. It seems she didn’t need alone time after all. Tina explains that she’s no longer wanting for company.

Bette: Well … I really wanna see you, Tina.

Tina: Well, I can’t right now.

Did Tina just refuse to ask “how high?” when Bette said “jump”? Maybe things really are evolving, at least on one side of the equation.

The conversation and the breakfast — not to mention my rodent-phobic girlfriend’s peace of mind — are suddenly derailed by the sight of some rats scurrying through the cafe. Angelica exclaims, “Puppies!” Shane hops right up onto a chair. She knows when to fold those butch cards.

Next thing you know, Kit is trying to convince a health department inspector that she doesn’t have rats. Well, maybe not before those pesky party-throwing neighbors moved in — you know what they say about new construction scaring up the vermin.

The inspector shuts down The Planet until further notice.

Kit: How did this f—ing happen?

Shane: I have a theory.

And her theory is enough to send Kit into full Pam Grier mode.

Kit, I might have to start calling you Kate!

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