“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.6 “Lights! Camera! Action!”


A tirade — Jenny. What are your boots about? Are you going clam digging?

But no; she’s just in her usual weirdo-diva mode. Apparently she’s scouting locations in Canada, but it’s not going very well.

Jenny: [on the phone, leaving a message for Tina] It’s not gonna work. All right? Vancouver doesn’t pass as L.A. And I am not gonna shoot here in this waterlogged, provincial little city.

Mama Chaiken, I think you’ve just passed Meta Town and gone right on into Masturbatory City.

Jenny throws her phone away in disgust. It lands in some bushes, and Adele trots off to fetch it. Rarely do we get to see such a creature in its natural habitat.

Adele also gives Jenny some Nicorette and stands by for her next assignment. But hey, why wait when you can act? She interrupts Jenny’s rant and says William the money guy just texted her back. He wants to shoot in L.A. — the financing is in place and everything.

Jenny: When did I text him? I don’t remember doing that. I feel like I’m going crazy.

Oh! That last line is like a present you never knew you always wanted. Delightful.

Adele, who is actually pretty adorkable in her hat, confesses that she took the liberty of texting William because she saw how unhappy Jenny was. Jenny doesn’t even really react to Adele’s audacity, probably because it’s right in line with her inner compass of Jenny First.

Jenny: I think that we need to celebrate.

She grabs Adele’s hat right off her head and throws it over to those accessory-attracting bushes. Adele immediately goes into fetch mode again (I love it!), but Jenny stops her. It’s time to go shopping.

Jenny: We’re gonna transform my lovely assistant.

Just don’t saw her in half, OK?

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