“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.6 “Lights! Camera! Action!”


Bette is cooking (uh, I mean, cooking food, and also otherwise), so Tina asks whether she’s having a dinner party. Bette chuckles, as if to say, “No — for a change.” She just likes to cook for Angie sometimes because it makes her feel more like they’re a family.

Tina inches closer and closer and gets very interested in the food and the fragrance and whether Jodi taught Bette to cook. I think maybe you did, Tina.

Bette: I’ll have to cook for you sometime.

Yeah! How ’bout now?

But I’m being too glib; there’s a serious overtone here too. Tina definitely takes the talk of “family” seriously, and seems to be at war with herself over whether to give in to her impulses or hold back in the interest of boundaries. I think everyone’s going to win this battle.

Tina: [from behind Bette, with a hint of pleading] Bette …

Bette freezes. She is equal parts fear and hope.

Tina: Turn around.

They look at each other, confirming, hesitating.

Tina: Look, I know that you don’t want to hurt Jodi …

Bette: No, I don’t.

And then Tina closes the distance between them and they kiss, confirming, no longer hesitating.

These two are soooo sexy together. They still have more chemistry than any other couple on the show.

But I do wish Bette weren’t cheating on someone again. And I do wish they had turned off the stove burners before pulling each other to the bedroom. Safety first, ladies!

Bette stops for a moment to ask, “What are we doing?” But Tina shushes her.

Tina does more than shush her, actually; she essentially tops her, even though Bette initially defaults to their old patterns. Tina even tries to talk dirty, but she just recycles that speculum-worthy “spread ‘em” line from her date with Brenda. Luckily, Bette doesn’t seem to mind.

Tina: You’re so wet. I just want to f— you.

I think I forgot to turn off my burners, too! Pardon me while I cool off a bit.

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