“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.6 “Lights! Camera! Action!”

A Denbo is a person in your neighborhood — A security guard tells the movie moguls there’s a problem with the neighbors. It seems some of them don’t want their neck of the woods to be a “hotbed of lesbian sex and salaciousness.” Guess who the restless natives are?

Tina: She doesn’t even live in this neighborhood.

I gotta say, Tina: The black-T-shirt-and-shades look really works for you. Rrawr! It looks much hotter on you that it does on Delta Dawn.

William strolls up (well, he limos up) and pays them to pipe down and go away. Wait, has that always been an option on this show? ‘Cause, speaking of limos, we could have been spared a whole lotta Papi scenes.

Nobody saw that coming — Shane (Shane in her glasses! Yay!) cuts Adele’s hair just the way she wants it. Which is just like Jenny’s.

Just passing by — Bette and Kit visit the set. As they walk, Bette tells Kit about the soapstone-gun art project. Kit mentions that she’s “thinking about” getting a gun.

Bette: You’re not gonna feel safe with a gun. A gun does not make you feel safe!

But she wasn’t at the shooting range when Kit was making her badass face.

Tina is happy to see Bette, even though Bette has brought her soccer-mom hair with her.

Tina: I can’t believe you’re here.

Bette: I couldn’t resist.

They watch as Jenny does her thing.

Tina: Jenny is f—ing the star. Or should I say she’s f—ing herself?

Nearby, Max — yes, he’s still on the show — chats with Adele and says what we’re all thinking about her hair:

Max: Seems like it’s a pretty popular cut around here.

Also nearby, Alice, Kit and Shane plan to take down SheBar. Is this episode just sort of unraveling, or is it me? I feel like we’re just jumping around from line to line and I have to keep connecting them with nearby.

Max takes a seat and tells them that Adele said Shane insisted she cut her hair like Jenny’s.

Shane: Why would she say that?

Nobody knows. I sure don’t know why we’re ending the episode right here, after one more nugget from Bette:

Bette: [to Tina] It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be great because you’re producing it.

Next time on The L Word: Turkish oil wrestling, Shane’s latest fling and Kelly McGillis.

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