“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.6 “Lights! Camera! Action!”


Two peas in a psycho pod — William the financier has arrived, just in time to get the scoop from Adele. (Side note: I don’t really know what William’s last name is. In the first episode of this season, it was Halsey, but in the second, somebody made a typo and it was Hasley — and Shane even pronounced it that way. I’m just going to call him William Reed Halsey Barker, in honor of Swoosie Kurtz’s character on Sisters.)

Adele very carefully explains that Niki and Jenny are “kind of involved with one another.” William doesn’t like it at first, but Adele knows just how to spin it.

Adele: [Niki's] just so young and so fresh and green.

Like a sprig of rosemary!

Adele says Jenny just had to “make Niki her lover” in order to keep her from dropping out of the picture.

William: Well, that’s interesting. That’s a very interesting approach, Adele.

She pretty much blinds him with her crazy science. But Aaron is screaming at Jenny nearby. He starts to present his side of the story to William, but William just wants to greet Jenny.

Jenny: [pointing to Aaron and pouting] He’s being so mean to me!

I can’t decide whether I want to smack her or kiss her. William is definitely on her side, though.

William: That little Niki Stevens. Her movie hasn’t even opened yet, and already she’s out of control.

Jenny: Well, she’s a bit fragile.
William: Well, if there’s anyone who can take a fragile person and glue them back together, I think that would be you.

Fine, but will all the parts be in the right places? Or are we talking about abstract carnival art here?

A sobcast — Alice records the intro for her next podcast, which of course comes to us direct from the set of Lez Girls. She keeps tearing up, though. Come back, Tasha!

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