“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.6 “Lights! Camera! Action!”

The artistic temperament — Niki is an hour and a half late; everyone on the Lez Girls set is annoyed. When Niki does arrive, she’s surly and uncooperative. She doesn’t want to “sniff the rosemary,” even though that’s definitely what Jenny did when Tina gave her a sprig as a gesture of goodwill in Season 1.

Niki: Who walks around with a plant for no reason?

Have you met Jenny, let alone boinked her in a closet?

Jenny has her brief moment of bliss when she gets to yell “Action!” She seems so very directorial, doesn’t she?

Niki doesn’t think the script makes much sense; she doesn’t want to pretend to be confused when Nina says she and Bev are trying to have a baby.

Niki: Everybody knows that lezzies are having babies all over the place, Jenny.

Gosh, it’s like she’s been reading AfterEllen.com!

Jenny reminds Niki that the character “in my script” is naïve and has never met a lesbian before.

Niki: What about Ellen and Portia? I mean, does she not have a TV?

Good point. It’s true that lesbians have become a lot more visible in the last decade, and The L Word is a big part of that. And now we’re spoiled for everything else — hand-holding and head-butting on Cashmere Mafia just won’t satisfy us anymore.

Niki is dissatisfied too. She storms off the set to go pout in her trailer. Dorothy Snarker has the perfect image-math representation of what happens next. Let’s just say it isn’t wise to keep your mic pack on when you’re making out with the director in your “room.”

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