“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.6 “Lights! Camera! Action!”


The cold light of day — It’s 4:03 a.m. Bette reluctantly unwraps herself from Tina’s embrace. With her back turned to Tina, she silently mouths the words “I love you.” But Tina’s not so silent.

Tina: Jodi would be so devastated.

Bette: She can’t find out.
Tina: Well, I’m certainly not gonna tell her.
Bette: I’m sorry, I just … I just need more time. That’s all.
Tina: I’m not pushing you. I don’t even know what I want.

They agree — to the point of saying it about five times in five different ways — that they need to figure out what they want and what’s right for them. Individually. Right. Yes. Starting with one more kiss.

The Lez Girls set — Jenny and Adele have arrived for the first day of shooting.

Jenny: Wow, Adele, can you believe this? All of this because of a few little words that I put on a page.

False modesty does not become you, Jenny.

Jenny is generally clueless — not knowing, for example, that a “room” is a “trailer” — but Adele somehow knows everything about showbiz. Curiouser and curiouser.

A crew member stops them and asks if they’re looking for extras holding. Oops. You’re fired!

Keeping up appearances — Jodi and Bette are meeting with Chancellor Kroll. They think they’re there to discuss the traumatic art project. But Phyllis wants them to help her smooth things over with her daughter, who now thinks her mother is a “promiscuous, debauched lesbian.”

Phyllis: I need you to help me convince Molly that lesbians can be respectable and upstanding and stable.

Bette, are you willing to make such a statement today?

Phyllis thinks Molly will get the message if she just spends some time with Bette and Jodi. And then the conversation turns to the shoot-himself-in-the-head art student. Bette proposes that she make a statement and Jodi do some sort of mea culpa.

Molly interrupts; Phyllis insists that she sit down and meet the upstanding lesbian citizens.

Phyllis: [whispering] They’re lesbians.

Hee. Phyllis still cracks me up, and is obviously perfect for Joyce.

Out of nowhere, Jodi resigns, shocking the room. She supports the student’s provocative art but knows that Bette never would have approved it.

Jodi: I love teaching here. I love my class. [to Bette] But it sucks that your job is jeopardized by something that I’m totally responsible for. So, I can’t live with that. I’m resigning. But remember, I have my work. And, most importantly, I have you. So I’ll be fine.

Fine is definitely not the word Bette’s thinking right now. It’s the right number of letters, though.

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