“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.3 “Lady of the Lake”


From giving it family style to protecting the family name — In the visiting room, Peggy explains her extended absence: She’s been on a treasure hunt. For antiquities. Here’s hoping you don’t end up like Marion True, Peggy P., or you might join Helena in the slammer.

Helena says she doesn’t have time for tales of Peggy’s adventures.

Peggy: Really? Well, seems to me you’ve got great gobs of time, Helena.

They don’t see eye-to-eye on much else, either. Helena tries to say she has learned a lot in jail, but Peggy is focused on posting her bail and getting her record expunged.

Helena: No, Mummy, I don’t want that.

Peggy: No? No, Mummy? I don’t want what? What? Would you try to speak like a semi-literate person, please, Helena? I know that you’ve been keeping rather sordid company lately, but —
Helena: I’ve been keeping very fine company, Mummy, and what I don’t want is for you to come swanning in here, throwing your money about. I know I made a mistake. I’m quite happy to finish my time and pay my debt to society.

Peggy: Helena, pull yourself together. For God’s sake, you’re a Peabody.
Helena: What difference does that make?
Peggy: Peabodys don’t have debts, darling. Not to anyone. And certainly not to society.

And with that, she turns and goes, leaving Helena with nothing to do but frown.

Ugh. I think I prefer the Peggy who ran off with her former fling after the Sharmen not-nuptials. This Peggy is awfully bossy.

A Big Bear morning — Bette meets Jodi’s friends. They greet her warmly (a little too warmly for her taste) and encourage her to partake of their tradition of morning mojitos, but Bette’s not inclined to indulge. (Remember when she tossed the tequila shot over her shoulder on the yacht?)

Michelangelo, aka Jodi’s best friend, calls Bette a wuss. This guy was on Cane recently, and I didn’t like him on that show either. I say “either” because I already loathe him as Michelangelo. He’s the definition of arrogance. He also sorta looks like Angus on steroids.

One of the other friends says, “It’s good to put a face to those grunts and groans.” Yes, the whole group heard Bette and Jodi going at it last night. Bette immediately purses her lips and crosses her arms. She might be rethinking that mojito.

Bette makes an excuse about having left something in the room and quietly leaves. The others think maybe they’ve offended her. What? Where’d you get that idea?

Sigh. Very awkward. I do love the music in this scene, though — “On My Radio” by the Selecter.

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