“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.3 “Lady of the Lake”


Shane/Shaun/Sabrina wants to know whether their gaydar guns are really going to work. Each angelesbian has a goofy gaydar gun that is sort of a cross between a Conair hair dryer and a bar code scanner gun. Fine, but why does Shaun have a Southern accent?

Tina/Nina/Bosley says the gaydar guns had better work, because the target has just entered the room. It’s the Flying Nun!

Oh, nope, it’s Jenny/Jesse. In the behind-the-scenes clip that aired on Showtime just before this episode (watch it here), Mia Kirshner revealed that she really wanted to be Jaclyn Smith in this spoofy skit. But she got the grander entrance this way, I think. Even if she does remind me of herself as Carrie.

Anyway, Bev’s lesbians spring into action, which consists of posing and … posing. The hair! The expressions! The music! The slo-mo! The hair! And the bouncing bazooms!

(alternate source: LiveVideo)

Helena/Helen/Kelly aims her gun at Jesse/Jenny, but takes too long to toss her hair and ends up scanning Alice/Elise/Jill instead. The gun gurgles its conclusion:

Gosh, someone actually remembers that Alice plays for the bisexual team! Or at least she used to. Even Leisha herself forgot about that.

Finally Shane/Shaun/Sabrina trains her sights on Jesse/Jenny, but the gun flickers between “straight” and “gay.” Before we can get the last word, the theme song interrupts.

Lesbians sure do love Charlie’s Angels, don’t we? That was fun. It was also pretty trippy, considering it was a dream about a movie about fictional characters — mashed up with some other fictional characters. The looking glass of Lesbo Land is a four-way fun-house mirror.

The teaser scene was written by Molly Fisher, the winner of the FanLib contest. Her inspiration was the Season 1 scene in which Alice, Shane, Bette and Tina “deployed a mission to ascertain the disposition of one Miss Lara Perkins.” Well done, Molly! (Hey, FanLib: How about a contest to write a new theme song?)

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