“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.3 “Lady of the Lake”

Good riddance to bad rubbish — Bette has packed her suitcase, and Jodi’s too. She wants to get back to L.A. to take care of Kit.

Bette: I really wanna get back before she starts drinking.

Michelangelo: Oh, the girl had a f—ing gun pointed at her. Let her have a drink.
Bette: Uh, my sister is an alcoholic, so that would probably be the worst thing I could do.

The look on Michelangelo’s face is almost adequate revenge for the lake incident.

But then he encourages Jodi to stay, and she actually hesitates. Jodi. That’s incorrect! She reconsiders, of course, even though one of the other friends complains that she’ll miss bowling.

And then Michelangelo asks Bette whether she just made up a story so she could leave.

Bette: Oh, yeah, I just made up that my sister got robbed at gunpoint to get out of bowling? Why would I ever want to give up the opportunity to wear smelly used shoes, drink warm domestic beer and kick your ass?

But she doesn’t even get to enjoy that victory; Michelangelo smothers her with another boorish bear hug.

I’m glad that’s over.

Bette’s house — Kit is alone and frightened. I mean, yeah, she’s at Bette’s house, so she’s not really alone. But I’m sad that she doesn’t have someone to cuddle with at a time like this. Come back, Ivan!

Kit: They took my whole week.

Speaking of cuddling — Alice is spooning Tasha as Tasha lies awake with a scowl on her face.

Tasha: They’re taking my whole f—ing life away from me.

Alice just burrows closer.

Forget what I said about this episode hating the Porter sisters; this episode hates Tasha too. And Max. Maybe everyone?

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