“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.3 “Lady of the Lake”


Meditation and madness at Chez Shenny — Shane is trying to meditate. But Jenny is typing and tiptoeing and finding other ways to destroy Shane’s inner peace. She even whispers, “How’s it going?” Jenny, you loon.

Max saunters in and asks Jenny to look at his podcast. But Jenny has to go to a screening, so she leaves after a few more loopy lines.

Shane hops around like she’s had too much Red Bull and then offers to watch the podcast. At last, an audience for Max! Hey, is this why the AfterEllen.com vlogs are so popular — you’re all looking for a way to distract yourself when you’re not gettin’ any? Kidding. I’m kidding!

That was … what was that scene, exactly? You could pose that question for most scenes in this episode. They’re pleasant vignettes, but I can’t find the “A” story. Not even at the bottom of the lake.

Making nice — Bette rejoins the rabble, looking like she’d rather be just about anywhere else. One of them asks her to start making the roux.

Bette: I don’t have the faintest idea how to make a roux.

So instead she gets to help Michelangelo set the table. He launches into a speech about the overpriced art market and how much she should be doing about it and how much of an Eric Fischl–collecting snob she is.

Jodi: Hey, M, be nice.

But it’s Bette who decides to be nice, just when you think she might explode with indignation. She agrees to look at some of the community art Michelangelo is praising. She must really like you, Jodi — do you see how hard she’s trying?

Michelangelo gushes, “You rock my world.” Thank you, Teena Marie.

House call — Tina is at the heart doctor’s house. She’s looking lovely; I dig the jacket.

Wrong place, wrong time, wrong end of a gun — At the Planet, Kit is locking up the cash. But before she can finish that task, some punks stick a gun in her face and demand that she fork it over. Why does this episode hate the Porter sisters so much?

Now that’s salubrious —The date must have gone well, because Tina’s nice jacket and everything under it comes off, accompanied by the smooth sounds of Gina Catalino’s “11:32 p.m.” The doctor reveals her doctored breasts.

Brenda: Augmented.

Tina: You went for it!

And then they go for it. At one point, Brenda says, “Spread your legs open,” and then asks, “Do you like it when I talk dirty?”

Really? “Spread your legs open” counts as talking dirty? It seems more along the lines of talking doctor, and it could easily be followed by, “This might be a little cold.”

I can’t say these two have a lot of chemistry, but I’m glad Tina’s having a romp.

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