“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.11 “Lunar Cycle”

Negotiating — Alice and Tasha are looking at an apartment and discussing the whole rent-splitting thing. Tasha doesn’t want their relationship to be out of balance.

Alice: I will be out of balance if you make me live in a s—hole.

Tasha: A s—hole? This is nicer than any place I’ve ever lived in.

This is looking just as doomed as Jenny’s directorial career. And it gets worse when Tasha reveals that she wasn’t planning to go to the next taping of The Look.

Tasha: Well, I didn’t know that you wanted me to go.

Alice: Why would … [trailing off in disbelief]
Tasha: No, but if it’s that important to you, I mean, I’ll go.

Oh, my. Did I use the word doomed already?

Reunited — Jenny marches toward her trailer, but she can’t get in — wow, does security really work that quickly? Tina urges Jenny to listen to her and trust her and insists that she’s stunned too.

Tina: Talk to your agents. Let them help you. And later you can call Niki if you’d like to.

Jenny: She’s dead to me.

Tina says she understands, but Jenny’s not so sure. So Tina focuses on what she does understand.

Tina: I need you to give me some time to figure out how to fix this, OK? There’s no way I’m going to let that bitch walk away with our movie.

Yeah, look at those chimples — they mean business!

Jenny: It is our movie. It’s our movie.

Tina: It is our movie.
Jenny: Oh, Tina.

And they embrace. We knew they’d eventually reconcile, but that doesn’t make it any less sweet!

Regime change — Adele is directing a Jesse-Karina scene that isn’t going well. She very carefully walks Begoña and Niki through a kiss, and it seems to really work.

Is Adele a thwarted actor or something? Why does she know so much? Wait: Maybe she’s a former porn director! She did seem to relish the play-by-play. Maybe she’s just the ultimate voyeur, and she finally has a personal puppet show.

Tina watches the scene and seems to — albeit unhappily — see something good in it. And Begoña and Niki can’t seem to stop kissing. Uh, can I get a tape of this, too?

Tina steps to the side and calls Bette, wanting a friendly ear. Bette’s cell phone goes right to voicemail.

Tina: All right, I’m going to try you at the home phone.

“The” home phone. Not “your” home phone. No plans to move in, Tina? Mm hmm.

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