“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.11 “Lunar Cycle”

The oracle — Max arrives home and finds a stoned Shane and Jenny curled up on the couch.

Jenny: Max. The oracle.

Shane: Max, you’re the s—. I gotta listen to, um, you.
Max: You guys are so stoned.
Jenny: Max, Adele has f—ed me over.

As Max takes the proffered bong, Jenny says, “I shoulda listened to you.” Kind of a hollow victory, eh, Max?

I don’t like this After-school Special — At the Planet, Kit has made some brown rice pudding and organic oatmeal raisin cookies for Angelica. She takes them to her office, where she sees the unthinkable: Angie is playing with the gun.

Yes, it’s predictable and heavy-handed, but it’s still kind of horrific. Kit distracts Angie with the cookies and manages to get the gun away from her. She takes Angie and the gun out back and drops the gun in a Dumpster.

If that gun had claimed a victim, I don’t know what I would have done. End this recap mid-sentence, I suspect!

Kit is crying with relief when she goes back inside, and is thrilled to see Mama T. And soon Mama B arrives, too.

Tina: You would not believe the day I had.

Bette: I bet I could give you a run for your money.
Kit: And I could give you both a run for your money.
Bette: I promise you that Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi are not going to get their hands on The Planet.
Kit: You know, that’s not important. You know, what’s important is this beautiful baby girl and her wonderful mommies.

Bette thanks Kit, completely failing to see the distress her sister is in. She asks Angie if she wants to go home, and starts to head out the door. And then she turns back to Tina.

Bette: Do you want to …

Tina: Uh … yeah.

Kit just watches them go, waving feebly, alone again. Why can’t Auntie K join the happy family for the evening?! Sheesh. Kit, I think you should make your way over to Chez Shenny for some primo sativa and some miserable company.

Next time on The L Word: Season 5 comes to a close.

Thanks again to Phantom for the Foxy Brown clip.

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