“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.11 “Lunar Cycle”

Mellow — Shane has a homemade bong, and she and Jenny are happily partaking as they recount Adele’s nefarious deeds.

(Oh, gah, the music in the background is Alice Cooper’s “Only Women Bleed.” Must we?!)

Jenny swears never to open her heart again to someone, never again to show someone the ropes and be generous.

Shane: You can’t let Adele do that to you.

Jenny: No, I’m talking about Niki.
Shane: Oh, f— Niki.
Jenny: I did.

Jenny insists Niki is dead to her.

Shane: Ding, dong, Niki’s dead?

Jenny: It’s like a wicked witch.
Shane: Yeah, that’s right.
Jenny: No. Like a wicked … that, like, wicked witch!

Ah, cannabis. Lender of meaning where there is none. Somehow, in all the witch explanation, Jenny ends up talking about Adele instead of Niki. Shane calls Adele a snake in the grass, but it’s much funnier than it sounds, thanks to her gestures.

Jenny makes hissing noises to go with the hand jive. And then she makes an announcement.

Jenny: I have terrible cramps.

This episode! It’s all over the place, from banal to brilliant and back again.

Shane tells Jenny she admires her because she’s a survivor. From the cutting to the loony bin to everything else — she has made it through.


Shane: You’re my best friend. You know that.

They’ll smoke to that!

Bette’s empty house — Jodi’s bag is packed; she’s ready to go. But first she gives Bette the gift that was to be her birthday present.

Jodi: Um … whatever.

She leaves, her face unreadable. Bette opens the present. It’s an expensive, impressive watch.

Bette: Oh, Jodi.

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