“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.11 “Lunar Cycle”

Don’t these people believe in passwords? — Bette returns to her office to find Jodi happily using her MacBook Pro. Didn’t the DaddyOf2 experience teach you anything, Bette? Passwords save relationships!

They pick up the W conversation where they left off. Bette says they can’t do the piece because they’re not a couple.

Jodi: Why not?

Bette: Because it’s just not working.
Jodi: You said you weren’t going to let me go. You’re going to fight for our relationship.
Bette: I meant our friendship.

Jodi: I don’t want a friendship with you.

Jodi even suggests therapy, but Bette’s already doing that with Tina. And the point is that Jodi keeps missing the point.

Bette: Jodi, I wanted so much for this relationship to work. I love who you are. I love how you stand in the world. I love your talent; I love your passion; I love your anger; but you and I are just fundamentally different. We have different core values.

Jodi: What are my values?
Bette: It doesn’t matter. It’s not a judgment.

No. It’s not even really an issue, because at this point, it’s just something Bette’s telling herself to assuage her own guilt. Not that I think she and Jodi should be together — I just wish Bette could be a little more honest about the simple fact that she has fallen out of love with Jodi, and back into love with Tina. Well, she’s trying:

Bette: There’s been something missing for me, something that is hard to define, and I have been desperately just … trying to create … this thing, and just looking for it, but I … I’ve been just flailing.

Hmm. Tina used that word (flailing) recently, with respect to Henry. I wonder which one counts for more: matching wardrobes, or matching vocabularies?

Bette: And I realize now that you and I, we’re never going to find it.

Jodi: How do you know?
Bette: Because I have it with someone else.

Ah. Now that was honest.

James interrupts to say that Melissa (Angie’s, uh, sitter? nanny? something) has food poisoning and can’t pick up Angie from playgroup today. Bette calls Tina, breathing something that sounds like a sigh of relief.

Tina’s office of mutiny — Bev, Nina and Donna — or whatever their real names are, gah — are telling Tina they didn’t sign up to do “an Adele Channing movie.” (There’s one more All About Eve reference, in case you missed the first 872.)

Tina tries to calm them down, but her phone rings. She tells Bette she can’t pick Angie up either, and she’s not thrilled to hear that Bette and Jodi are still working through things.

Bette: I’m doing my best. I’ll tell you about it later, OK?

Tina: OK. Fine.

I like it when they have simple, clear conversations.

Complicated and murky — Kit sneaks into SheBar — the back door is conveniently open. Pam Grier is taking her sweet time, making the most of this scene, and who can blame her?

Kit looks pretty determined — will I actually get that SheBar shootout I’ve been longing for?

No, because as Kit reaches for the gun, her phone rings. Bette is calling, and Angie’s picture and voice are announcing the call.

Kit: [whispering] Bette, I can’t talk right now.

Bette doesn’t ask Kit why she’s whispering or what her earlier voicemail was about; she just wants somebody to pick up Angie. So Kit agrees to do so.

Just before Kit leaves, Cindi sees her and meets her gaze. Kit scampers out the way she came in.

Aw. I just wanted a few bullets ricocheting off the tacky lighting fixtures. I didn’t want anybody to get hurt; I just thought a stylized shootout would be fun. Sigh.

Giving in — Bette offers Jodi a ride home. Jodi wants to go to Bette’s house, but not for the reason you might think: She wants to get her things. Well, good. It’s time to let this go.

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