The L Word Recaps: Episode 4.4 “Layup”

The basketball game — OK, here we go. Our team looks kind of ragged.

Before we can process that, though, Tina shows up to give a speech:

Bette: Hey, what're you doing here, Tina?
Tina: I, uh, decided to play.
Bette: Where's Angelica?
Tina: She's with Angus and Hazel. She's fine.
Jenny: But it's a lesbian game, Tina.
Kit: Hey, what about me?
Alice: You're an honorary lesbian, Kit. Come on.
Tina: That's fine, Jenny. I still identify as a lesbian.
Jenny: Yeah, but when you walk down the street with your boyfriend, holding your boyfriend's hand, enjoying all the heterosexual privileges, you stop being a lesbian.
Kit: Depends on what color heterosexual you are that gets you all them privileges.
Shane: Tina, I don't think there's a goddamn difference.
Helena: No, I mean, if Tina wants to identify as a lesbian, isn't that her choice?
Alice: Why don't you just be a bisexual?
Tina: Actually, I think of lesbian as a political identity, to tell you the truth.
Jenny: No, it's not. It's not about who you vote for. It's about who you f—.

To save them all from themselves, Papi interrupts and tells Tina she doesn't care who she f—s; she can play with them.

So they play. Jenny has coffee and giant bug-like specs.

And when Tina tells Bette to stop f—in' fouling her, Bette tells Tina to stop f—in' traveling with the ball and steals it from her. Heh.

Shane, meanwhile, is calling Papi "Pops" and "Dad." Snicker.

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