The L Word Recaps: Episode 4.4 “Layup”

Angstus keeps on angsting — Angstus is whining about being old and useless. Kit tells him to go back home and play his Les Paul because it always cheers him up. But of course he doesn't feel like it. So Kit tries another tack:

Kit: I am going to record the song you wrote for me for this CD.
Angstus: What, "Bareback"? I thought you said it was too nasty.
Kit: [shaking her head] Uh-uh. I like it 'cause it's really really really nasty. That's why we're gonna sing it together.
Angstus: You're gonna do a duet with me on your new record?

Even in his haze of malaise, Angstus can see right through that pitying move. Kit sort of shoos him out to rehearse, then clasps her hands in a worrying/praying sort of way. She oughta think about heaven later ((c) Alice Walker) and worry about her wardrobe — though I do like that painting of Lady Day behind her.

Multitasking — Alice is talking to Shane about Papi. Sadly, she's doing so while she's on the commode, which bugs me. It seems to bug Shane too, but Alice (while reaching for the toilet paper that Helena has not replaced on the holder) is fixated on Papi's bragging. I know that's what I think about when I'm on the pot.

Learning from Lerner — Bette is meeting Jodi Lerner (Marlee Matlin). I love the way Bette adjusts her clothes and strides confidently toward Jodi — art is still what impresses Bette most. Unfortunately, the introduction isn't so impressive: Bette taps Jodi on the shoulder while Jodi is using a drill — and since Jodi is deaf, this is even more hazardous.

Bette never quite recovers her cool. At first she speaks to Jodi's interpreter, Tom, rather than to Jodi. And then Bette enunciates too hugely, and then walks off, babbling and failing to face Jodi, which means Jodi can't read her lips. Jodi just seems amused by it all.

The interpreter, by the way, is completely distracting and interferes with the Bette–Jodi chemistry. I guess this is a lesson or whatever in what it's like to talk to deaf people, but I'll bet I'm not the only viewer who's had that experience on my own and doesn't need much instruction. The bottom line is, the guy can't act, and I can't learn from people who muck up the Porter mojo.

Bette asks Jodi to help her out with Skip the flush fundraisee. Bette is concerned about a "radical sculpture in the studio, which is crude and brilliant and enormous."

As if I needed another reason to love Dean Porter: I think she just used enormous to mean "monstrous" as well as "large."

Jodi is aware of Skip Connolly's politics and knows he won't like the "enormous" piece. She gets the drift: "You want me to put Loni's piece in a corner until after the donor has doned, right?" Bette says it's just for the afternoon, and Jodi appears to agree.

As Bette leaves, Tom signs something about Bette's great body, and Jodi tells him to shut up. OK, Tom, I forgive you a little for your abysmal acting — at least you acknowledge the Dean is a dish.

Feckless driving — Jenny is barreling down the highway while talking on her cell phone, looking at a map, holding a dying dog and sneezing because she's allergic to said dog. I'm guessing she's not a particularly safe driver in the first place, so I'm a little concerned. Shane was probably a better driver when she went median-hopping. Hell, Toonces the Driving Cat is probably a better driver.

Jenny's making an emergency vet appointment, under the name Debbie Oxnard (because she just saw a highway sign pointing the way to Oxnard). I wonder if she's signed hotel registers as Debbie Surveycrew or Debbie Loosegravel.

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